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  • Repeat this with sprouted peas.
  • Radish seeds sprouted on dark cloth.
  • Grass sprouted out between the stones of the walls and the tiles of the roofs.
  • Colleges and universities sprouted up from the virgin soil of the prairie.
  • Radish seeds sprouted on dark cloth 22 14.
  • Zuni sprouted wheat, from which a juice or wine is obtained.

How To Use Sprouted In A Sentence?

  • The corn had sprouted and grown to the height of a few inches before it had withered away.
  • It fairly looks daggers at the ambitious little structures that have sprouted up by its side.
  • But the dust vanished with the spring rains, and the grain sprouted in the drills.
  • Here and there a little straggling sage-green tuft of camel-grass sprouted up between the stones.
  • After a few days they take it from the water; what is bad and has not sprouted is thrown away.
  • The fish went to die at the mouth of the Saru River, when plains of hemp sprouted out of its body.
  • This tree undoubtedly sprouted after the desertion of the building and grew after a mound had developed from fallen walls.
  • Not a blade of grass sprouted among the broken mineral about the walls, not a flower adorned the windows.
  • The appearance of the singular mushroom-bed which speedily sprouted up was extremely picturesque, in keeping with the wildness of guerilla warfare.
  • Then all gathered about it and danced and sang, until after four days the seeds sprouted and the mountain began to expand and to increase in height.
  • The seeds of human speech, planted in those vast wildernesses, sprouted readily into new and luxuriant languages.
  • In the course of evolution they never sprouted another leg, those chairs; as they were given to him, so they remained.
  • New grass already sprouted green among the grayness of the older growths, and it seemed almost cynical to doubt that spring was not verily here.
  • The floor was of large flags cracked in many places, and between the chinks in moist corners sprouted sparse, colorless grass.
  • The goats kept well up toward the summit, amid the snow fields, and fed on the grass which sprouted along the edges of melting drifts.
  • Some of them, however, held short hoses in their hands, hoses that sprouted from tight brass coils strapped to their broad shoulders.
  • Take one of the sprouted seeds, lay it on the cloth, tie pieces of thread around the main root at intervals of one-quarter inch from tip to seed.
  • A score of different City-States began sending out colonies, which in turn sprouted colonies of their own.
  • A traveller through a dusty road strewed acorns on the lea; And one took root and sprouted up, and grew into a tree.
  • It will be apparent to you, then, that at the beginning of your young days your knowledge has not sprouted all at once, but has come out of the unknown.
  • She had thought that the very seeds of her mental desires were dead, but they sprouted during a long uninterrupted afternoon and grew so rapidly they intoxicated her.
  • A stately stone pine overshadowed a medley of old buildings which sprang from the top of a precipice out of which sprouted the weird branches of the prickly pear cactus.
  • The trees now growing in these orchards sprouted from the roots of those which were cut down, and therefore grow in clusters, six or seven rising from one root.
  • The Soviet Government sprouted and grew out of the habits, the psychology, and the condition of the Russian people.
  • On the back of each trooper was fastened a compact circular copper tank, from which sprouted a flexible metal hose that ended in what looked like a ponderous type of pistol.
  • Flanked by the jungle growth which sprouted thickly from each bank, a gray, ghostly shape in the shadows lying over the water, he sped through the dying afternoon.

Definition of Sprouted

Having sprouts. | simple past tense and past participle of sprout
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