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  • Mabel also sprung up.
  • A sort of intimacy had sprung up.
  • Houses sprung up to interrupt their prospects.
  • He sprung above the waters blue.
  • Online communities sprung up seemingly from nowhere.
  • I hunt for fooles and have sprung a covey.
  • In an instant she had sprung upon the crupper.
  • The men who had sprung upon the lad tumbled over.
  • Replying with a hearty cheer, they sprung forward.
  • All this has sprung from my wife Myrrhina.
  • He had been wise to deflect the emotion that had sprung up within them both.
  • He'll find his traps sprung and his bait gone.
  • Sharp had sprung from his chair, and was shaking his fist in the air.
  • He had not sprung up, but life and energy had come back to him.
  • Fortunately, when he had sprung out of bed the feeling became less poignant.
  • In our case, therefore, hate has sprung out of disappointed love.
  • North and south of the Meuse a wicked harvest of hate has sprung up.
  • Now suddenly my fortunes had sprung a leak, and scandal was pouring in....
  • Mitglieder herum und verfolgte in atemloser Spannung Sprung auf Sprung.
  • The right shoulder, and it is sprung pretty badly, too, Cousin Lance says.
  • Mean time, the Sons sprung a new Mine, which answered their End.
  • A Thought sprung at once into my mind: "I will become an author," said I.
  • A glorious city had sprung up as though by the waving of an enchanter's wand.

How To Use Sprung In A Sentence?

  • If anybody had then appeared before him, he would have sprung up and cried out.
  • One of the leaders sprung over the taffrail, and eventually reached the launch.
  • Then she sat up in bed calling her husband, who had just awakened too and sprung out of bed.
  • At once it sprung up, and soon became a tree so high one had to look far up to see it.
  • And men tear up the island-shading tree, Out of the soil from which it sprung at first.
  • Evidently this fatuous busybody had not yet sprung the full force of the tremendous battery with which he believed himself armed.
  • They were at the front door, and all hope of escaping into the desirable obscurity from which he had sprung fled from his mind.
  • Brant was on the bridge, stumping to and fro to keep himself warm, for there was a chilly nip in the breeze that had sprung up during the night.
  • As far as they could make it out at the distance they were, one of the passengers had sprung overboard and was floating around on a box or plank.
  • For an instant they wavered, for Caterina had sprung upon the float and was gazing at them through her lorgnon.
  • To increase our misfortunes, the ship sprung a-leak, and made so much water that we could scarcely keep her free.
  • She lowered her head slowly with a backward gesture of her arm as if to keep me off, for I had sprung to my feet all at once as if mad.
  • Ashley had the tact, sprung of his English instinct for moderation, not to express his good intentions too directly.
  • Indeed, had not the captain, who was on the watch, sprung forward and caught hold of him, he must have inevitably gone overboard.
  • Some time was to pass, however, before Thayendanegea could understand that he was sprung from a race of conquerors.
  • It is not a little of this cry for Church Reform, that has sprung out of my labours and sufferings.
  • Sometimes its wires were so sprung by this violent performance that it had the collapsed look of an umbrella that had had a misunderstanding with a cyclone.

Definition of Sprung

(slang, African American Vernacular) Utterly infatuated with someone; completely taken over by romantic interest. | (Australia, slang) Caught doing something illegal or against the rules. | (obsolete, nautical, of a spar) cracked or strained.
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