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  • On these to build a spurious popularity.
  • He can distinguish between the spurious and the genuine.
  • Any spurious issue will be detected sooner or later.
  • Vena spuria: = spurious vein: q.v.
  • False legs: = spurious legs; = prolegs; q.v.
  • Probably because she is aware of its inevitably spurious nature.
  • Will you oblige me by allowing me to buy the spurious dollars?
  • Don't use your spurious jargon on me.
  • To my mind it is amazing what a spurious reputation this trick has gained.
  • He admits the last twelve verses to be spurious and added by a later hand.
  • As who, too vainly, spurious worth o'er-rateth.
  • The purveyor of spurious life-preservers need not be a Cain.

How To Use Spurious In A Sentence?

  • Beware of purchasing spurious and worthless imitations of this valuable detergent.
  • Original instruments are pronounced spurious and spurious original by this test.
  • Consulting the foot-note they found that these passages were spurious or added by a later hand.
  • Who knows how many thousands of pounds of spurious money are getting into circulation?
  • In that case, let him have the honour of buying the spurious deeds, do you see?
  • It has always been a marvel to me how the Indian conjuror has gained his spurious reputation.
  • Mr. Robert began to mask, as was his habit, a tendency to soft-heartedness with a spurious anger.
  • The principal writer to this spurious edition was said to be Dr. George Sewell.
  • Before we have read five pages we realise that here is at last a ballad which is not a spurious imitation.
  • For every good thing there seems to be something in its form and semblance that is spurious and bad.
  • In his native town he thought proper to exaggerate his affected contempt of life and his spurious misanthropy.
  • Bell knew very well, for she was sharp enough to distinguish between genuine and spurious affection.
  • Several kinds of spurious vetches and portulac, as well as salsolaceae, add to the luxuriance of the vegetation.
  • It was bad enough to be accursed with a spurious economy; but this was not the heaviest grievance that then weighed upon the national interests.
  • But this is one of those truths, which the giddy, reckless spirit of a spurious philanthropy can never be made to comprehend.
  • The whole social fabric of English life is engaged in manufacturing spurious counterfeits of the genuine article.
  • A lanky fellow, against whom some time ago was brought a grave law-suit anent the spurious child-birth of a lying belly.
  • In reality it matters little whether this diver or that has dived most deeply; matters little whether certain documents are spurious or genuine.
  • Some difference of style, or inferiority of execution, or inconsistency of thought, can hardly be considered decisive of their spurious character.
  • In after-years some of his political enemies tried to get hold of a copy, but failed, and published a spurious one which they gave out for his.
  • So popular was it, that a spurious second part, under the fictitious authorship of Avellanada was published.
  • He had a sort of spurious veneer and ingratiating manner, which was at variance with his hard, square, passion-scarred countenance.
  • Neither at this point, nor at any other, do we propose to draw an absolute line of demarcation between genuine and spurious writings of Plato.
  • It is needless here to discuss the professed but spurious reasons why Italy declared war upon Turkey in 1911.
  • It is also written to uphold the reputation of the Western conjuror against the spurious ascendancy held by his Eastern confrere.
  • The spurious sherry of the first-named place is consumed in larger quantities, especially in France, than the genuine wine itself.
  • Thereupon, one of the three magistrates, who were present, asked me whether I chanced to have any more of these spurious notes in my possession.
  • He had exhausted his limited stock of spurious politeness in distracting her attention, and now that the end was gained was not inclined to exert himself further.

Definition of Spurious

false, not authentic, not genuine | (archaic) bastardly, illegitimate
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