Spurring in a sentence

Definition of Spurring

present participle of spur | An application of the spurs to a horse.

Short Example Sentence for Spurring

  • 1. Guilty thoughts were spurring him to unwise defence.
  • 2. Then, spurring his mule, he passed forward.
  • 3. Likely enough it is unaware of the want that is spurring it on to action.
  • 4. Dickon broke his neck in spurring a blood mare beyond her paces.
  • 5. Vigorous spurring carried him through, though twice we thought him down.
  • 6. He passes horsemen, like himself spurring fleetly in the darkness.
  • 7. Both encouragement and discouragement had the effect of spurring Evan on.
  • 8. Kildare had left them, spurring forward with sudden eagerness, whistling.
  • 9. The Talabas appeared to be much excited, and were spurring their horses.
  • 10. When spurring from opposing sides, Two stranger horsemen join the train.
  • 11. Half of the Tartars were spurring back, with shivered lances, bleeding steeds.
  • 12. He had been over in the Panhandle, and was spurring homeward by way of Dodge.
  • 13. Back came Captain Jackson, spurring his horse, his face white with fright.
  • 14. Here you will always find me,' and, spurring his horse, he galloped away.
  • 15. You come along to save time," Hopalong ordered, spurring forward.
  • 16. Garth, spurring ahead, grasped Caspar's bridle, and caught her from falling.

How to use Spurring in a Sentence?

  • 1. They had already gathered the reins and were spurring their horses down the declivity.
  • 2. It is there all the same, and his success is spurring the agents to further efforts.
  • 3. I continued quietly spurring my mule and then counseling the brute to take it easy.
  • 4. Just as they entered the pass, a man came spurring up the steep trail behind them.
  • 5. About half an hour, no more, and whipping and spurring as if the old one was after them.
  • 6. Mullane was already spurring close at his heels, gloomily eying the combination in front.
  • 7. With spurring and whipping, the poor frightened, tired horses at last brought them safely over.
  • 8. Pete turned the horse and, spurring him, flung past the target, emptying his gun as he went.
  • 9. As Imre reached the bridge, the horse backed, and no spurring could induce him to cross.
  • 10. And Orso, spurring his horse, rode rapidly in the direction to which the little girl had pointed.
  • 11. See you the spurring Malprimis de Brigal, Faster on foot than runs the fastest steed?
  • 12. He drew a revolver from his holster and, spurring on the guide, encouraged the men to a double-quick.
  • 13. The thought of me would be with him always, spurring him on to work, that the time of our separation might be less.
  • 14. Lambert saw him tumble into the road as a man came spurring past the hotel, slinging his gun as he rode.
  • 15. And again the memory of a woman's tears would come upon him, spurring him to fresh effort.
  • 16. The spurring ought to be done, not violently, and with much movement of the legs, but with delicacy and management.
  • 17. There was none of the spurring and back-reining that some native bloods of India mistake for horse-manship.
  • 18. As well as if she had seen him she beheld a picture of a sulky youth spurring home in dudgeon, a scowl of discontent on his handsome, boyish face.
  • 19. Curly, after a swift dash up the street, was now spurring back madly, his hat swinging in the air, himself crazed as the others.
  • 20. He saw the castle, the moat, the draw-bridge, the lady in the tower, and the knightly lover spurring across the plain.
  • 21. He paused with meaning emphasis and turned his horse to go, but Henry Lee had been watching him from a distance and now he came spurring in.
  • 22. Several equestrians rode by the carriage, chatting and laughing with the fair occupants, and now and then spurring on to catch up some other vehicle.
  • 23. He was not even recuperated from the terrible ordeal that had so nearly cost him his life; but for all that his ambition was spurring him onward far in advance of his strength.
  • 24. The little squad from the San Saba camp came spurring along the beaten trail, betrayed by the cloud of dust that rose above them.