Squarer In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Squarer | Squarer Sentence

  • Pare the toe-nails squarer than those of the fingers.
  • It was a square head upon still squarer shoulders.
  • Adair's jaw grew squarer than ever.
  • Below it we entered an open cleft of some size to another squarer cave.
  • Good Cousin Elizabeth was squarer and stouter than six years ago.

How To Use Squarer In A Sentence?

  • The shoulders had a squarer set, as though they had been braced against adversity.
  • This time she not only sat squarer in her saddle, but raised her shoulders and chin a trifle.
  • His chin, high-poised above leathern stock, looked squarer than usual and his arm seemed a trifle stiffer as he saluted.
  • Erichsen is the only squarer I have met with who has distinctly asserted the particulars of that reward which has been so frequently thought to have been offered in England.

Definition of Squarer

comparative form of square: more square | One who, or that which, squares. | (obsolete) Quarreler, wrangler.

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