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  • Easterns lean and loll and squat and sidle against things as they daunder along.
  • Through the front magnifying mirror he spied the squat khaki buildings of his base.
  • The dog stretched himself before one andiron; the cat squat down before the other.
  • Where the squat black machine had been was something that was also squat and black and huge.
  • There appeared to be the tip of a tail protruding from behind one of the squat legs.
  • At the same moment a row of squat buildings rose in murky white between them and the river-bank.
  • He staggered, seized with a sort of giddiness, and had to squat on his haunches.
  • Then he chuckled suddenly; his whole squat body shook with comprehensive mirth.
  • The mullah left him, to squat and gaze into the fire, and mutter, and King lay still.
  • After supper these two will squat together on the parlor carpet and wind it up for a trial performance.
  • He leaned over the balustrade of stone near a squat vase holding a tropical plant of a bizarre shape.
  • It wasn't an impressive city, made up of squat clay buildings that were cube-shaped.
  • So well were her oil-fed furnaces tended that no tell-tale sparks escaped from her four squat funnels.
  • Then he strode away through the people, with curses on his white lips and the veins of his squat forehead large and dark.
  • Meals are served on a round tray placed on a stool, around which the family squat and partake from a common dish.
  • Men have been content heretofore to squat in the green valleys and let the desert places remain the haunts of the horned toad and coyote.
  • Hosts of gulls scream overhead, or whiten the ledges, where they squat content or run about feeding.
  • He must have been at least forty feet in stature, yet he gave us an impression of squat and sturdy strength.
  • Hares and partridges invariably squat on the fallow or in the stubble when alarmed, and remain absolutely still till the danger is passed.
  • In hands both huge and red he fondled tenderly a squat brandy flask whose contents had apparently been employed as a first aid to the drowning.
  • Reuben carried more wood to the other fire, then forced himself to squat once more patiently on his heels, and keep count of the pairs of eyes.
  • King led them and presently made them squat in a close-huddled semicircle on the paving stones, like night-birds waiting for a meal.
  • In an ordinary smoke-house, the opening should take the form either of a low jack-roof or of squat chimneys protected against rain.
  • The old man strode on a short way to wait, his squat back shutting the lantern light from the corpse as he studied the windy night.
  • The encounter of the moment before receded swiftly, became incredible, but the preacher remained squat in his den like a vampire in his cave.
  • Suppose twenty men were tenants on a townland; one would pay, and the other nineteen after being evicted would also squat down on his patch.
  • In front of him lay the wide, squat bungalow with its flat roof ornamented by a castellated balustrade of masonry, and supported by tall pillars.
  • One, a squat figure, stooping low, wielded a sword with two hands; the other covered him with a half-pike.
  • The walls were covered with Eastern hangings, tables of lacquer stood about filled with squat bronzes and gemlike ivory carvings.
  • So he has but one future, and that is already predetermined in his lobes, and described in that little fatty face, pig-eye, and squat form.
  • He was not short, standing close to six feet, and yet his bigness of girth made him seem of low, squat stature as she looked down upon him.
  • Well within this fence stood five buildings, low, squat and one-storied, four of them forming a broken square around the central fifth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Squat | Squat Sentence

  • Now all there is to do is to squat down and wait.
  • Now step in here and squat down.
  • She was squat and balding.
  • She was approaching the squat little tug.
  • The bow of my cravat was squat up in half a shake.
  • Round these bowers squat swarthy figures scantily clothed.
  • A squat figure with very big head, trampling.
  • Lloyd made Grenadine squat down and he readied his gun for defence.

Definition of Squat

Relatively short or low, and thick or broad. | Sitting on the hams or heels; sitting close to the ground; cowering; crouching. | To bend deeply at the knees while resting on one's feet.
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