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  • Above the squawking rose a voice.

How To Use Squawking In A Sentence?

  • At the same instant the direful squawking of a frightened chicken broke on my ears.
  • The leader seemed to be a large swart man who rode in front and clutched a squawking hen in his left hand.
  • At her coming four long beaks were lifted into the air, gaping hungrily and squawking with eagerness.
  • And that infernal fowl waltzing round and round the barn squawking like mad, and the jolly owl flapping and hissing up top there!
  • It was so still that I heard the snore of a sleeping dog and the gulls in the harbor squawking over a floating fish.
  • I missed him again as I heard a fluttering and squawking that might mean mischief, near the poultry yard.
  • She rose, however, but a few inches, and then, flapping and squawking wildly, she was dragged down again by some unseen force.
  • There it is, Elsje, all twigs and grass, warm as pie, heated by the chimney-fire, and such a squawking you never heard.
  • By day you see aeroplanes and troop trains and artillery trains; and by night you see searchlights and hear the incessant wailing and squawking of the train whistles.
  • He had the chicken tucked under his arm, it was squawking like crazy and he was running in one end of each barracks and out the other with a German guard chasing him.
  • So Jack fired his gun twice, while Jimmie and Nick set up a most dreadful squawking with the several horns possessed by the campers.

Definition of Squawking

present participle of squawk | squawk, the sound of a squawk
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