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  • Brant resumed in his squeaky tones.
  • Neewa wrinkled up his nose and emitted a squeaky snarl.
  • He glanced at Squeaky calmly eating the salad and smiled.
  • DEAD' in that squeaky little voice of Sara's!
  • The Gazeka was wearing a pair of very squeaky boots that morning.
  • The baby mouse had such a squeaky little voice that he was called Squeaky.
  • Milburgh's voice was high and squeaky and his shaking hands went to his mouth.
  • Somebody was yelling behind me in a squeaky voice: 'There is something wrong!

How To Use Squeaky In A Sentence?

  • She often gave a little squeaky call when on the nest, as if talking to herself about her work.
  • The watchman again coughed, and, shutting the squeaky gate, went out of the garden.
  • She strains to squirt her squeaky notes and thin Spirtle of sniggering lascivious patter.
  • When Squeaky saw the lights turned on, he hid under the dress of this queer man.
  • My hand marches to a squeaky tune, It marches down the paper to a squealing of fifes.
  • He had promised her that Squeaky should live; but was he going to send Flukey away?
  • Many times was a head lifted from a small pillow, straining after the meaning of the squeaky noises that came up from below!
  • If you wanted to let her go you did so; if not, you talked in the squeaky voice that is the recognized etiquette of the carnival.
  • The old gentleman, in a squeaky voice, inquired who were the prisoners now brought before him, and of what crime they were accused.
  • The nervousness, the anger, the malice, had entered his voice and had made it harsh and squeaky by turns.
  • With the most innocent intentions in the world, they imitated his voice and manner, his stiff formal bows and his funny squeaky laugh.
  • It was on the shady side, facing the rear of the car, and was half occupied already by the humble grub of the squeaky voice.
  • In his loneliness he stroked Squeaky on the snout and muttered tender words to the lean dog lying under his lame leg.
  • Over on the Indiana bottom, a squeaky fiddle is grinding out dance-tunes, hymns and ballads with charming indifference.
  • Well, Carrie stopped in the middle of our rambles in the forest, and imitated her squeaky voice and absurd gestures to the life.
  • The center of the barn was already filled with dark-skinned Senoritas and tall, gawky miners dancing to the music of a squeaky violin.
  • De Blanc had written for him, and he believed what Mother sung to him in her squeaky voice of the deathlessness of true love.
  • After the lantern flame grew fainter and finally disappeared around a bend, Marta emitted a peculiar, squeaky little laugh.
  • You thought I was only a sort of thing that waved its hands and collected jade, and talked in rather a squeaky voice, and walked on its toes.
  • Flea stepped forward, took Snatchet from her brother, and tucked him away under the arm opposite the one Squeaky occupied.
  • He had on a suit of the villainously fitting, ready-made clothes and a pair of the stiff, squeaky shoes that the state furnishes to its discharged compulsory guests.
  • He sat at his desk amid a heap of files, over which his head just appeared, and every now and again his squeaky voice rose in petulant complaint or censure of one of his subordinates.

Definition of Squeaky

Tending to produce a high-pitched sound or squeak.
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