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  • His squeals became louder and louder and more and more frequent.
  • Followed little squeals of bliss, then reverent touching of the treasure.

How To Use Squeals In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps they even fancied that those yells and ear-splitting squeals were directed against them.
  • The murmur went on for some moments, broken by girlish gigglings and little squeals of merriment.
  • She squeals like a silly Young girl when you pinch her, She kisses his feet.
  • Its sensitive ears picked up the movements and the squeals of other rats, but it paid them no heed.
  • They are as clannish as a drove of wild hogs, and if one squeals the others will rush to his assistance.
  • From the pocket meadow came the answering squeals of their own mounts, the pounding of hoofs as they fought their stake ropes.
  • Above the jingle of bells arose occasional squeals of laughter, for the young passengers enjoyed every minute of the unexpected ride.
  • The girls were all letting out little squeals as the water chilled their ankles, and the boys made feints of chasing them into deeper water.
  • Then, suddenly, one day a roly-poly blue animal appeared at the officers mess, claiming everyone as an old friend with loud squeals of joy.
  • So his duty, as he saw it in that moment, lay in clearing them out and dispersing them, and turning deaf ears to all squeals from the shorn and skinned.
  • It is impossible to suppose that some of the charges of ill-treatment of Germans by the British are more than the squeals of the bully on feeling the pinch.

Definition of Squeals

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of squeal | plural of squeal
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