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  • The stables are over there to the right.
  • The stables were empty.
  • I was down at stables at the time.
  • The stables had fallen into decay.
  • She found the stables in some commotion.
  • And then he hurried for the stables and disappeared.
  • Next to it was stables with three horses in it.
  • We go to stables in an hour.
  • Run to the stables and get me a horse and trap.
  • But the stables must have been a marvellous show.
  • And he stalked off to the stables leading the horse.
  • They contained stables and store-rooms.
  • You will find the stables everything to be desired.
  • We got good stables for our horses.
  • But the stables left nothing to be desired.
  • The stables are adjacent and will catch fire too.
  • I found out last night where the stables are.
  • He did not shrink from even the stables in winter.
  • All about the stables the rarest trees were planted.
  • Gore had gone round to the stables with his horse.
  • In the shadows back of the stables something had moved.
  • Large stables are magnificent, but a mistake.
  • The ground is now taken up by stables and coach-houses.
  • The rest to the stables and bring out the working beasts.
  • A groom came across from the stables and joined him.
  • A lad who used to be in your stables told me the story.
  • The Lordnor stables are being sold.
  • I know all the stables in Oxford.
  • It will be bought at the Jericho stables this afternoon.
  • I had to go round to the stables to find Madam.
  • Then he departed to the stables and Hugo was left alone.
  • The stables of the Western magnate were vast and wonderful.
  • I go over to the stables to have a look at La Sylphide.
  • I'll go to the stables myself.
  • At the stables the sergeant of the guard received the prisoner.
  • The disinfection of rooms and stables cannot be so readily accomplished.
  • The horses and the stables were to be looked over every day.
  • Some went to the stables to look after the horses and mules.
  • I made for the stables at once, but all the horses were safe.

How To Use Stables In A Sentence?

  • Pete had remarked upon the stables while turning his own horse into the corral.

Definition of Stables

plural of stable
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