Staccato In A Sentence

How To Use Staccato In A Sentence?

  • He paused abruptly in his calculations at the staccato bark of a high-powered motor.
  • Their ideal of a prose style now seems to consist of a series of staccato yips.
  • He got this out in staccato jerks, the last part of it not until all were for the moment safe.
  • It rose and fell with a staccato rhythm in it, and he recognized the beat of hoofs.
  • Through the drone of the motors the two officers could hear the staccato beat of his feet.
  • Over the uproar of the crowd could be heard the sharp staccato click of the telegraph wires.
  • Then out of her white throat, through her red lips pelted a tempest of staccato buglings.
  • Yes, there they were, being repeated in a sort of a staccato yet rhythmic measure.
  • Boon opened the door to her three staccato little knocks, and sulkily consulted his list.
  • Scores of staccato war-whoops reminded us that the Boche gunners wanted our scalp.
  • One can play these octaves slowly, using weight, or faster with crisp, staccato touch.
  • The call is a prolonged, raspy, staccato croak, sometimes with a rising inflection at the end.
  • The pack stretched out in wild staccato chorus, the little Airedales literally screeching.
  • Her high, clear, staccato voice, easily audible far, now showed her own keyed-up condition.
  • For twenty minutes after that Hadad and Jeremy swapped reminiscences in quick staccato time.
  • When this can be done we next learn hand action at the wrist from which results the staccato touch.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Staccato | Staccato Sentence

  • Your staccato and spiccato are wonderful.
  • Then came a staccato fusillade.
  • Five staccato shots whistled skyward.
  • So we use a half staccato touch.
  • Amelia gave a little staccato shriek.
  • His orders came with staccato precision.
  • A coyote punctuated the stillness with its staccato song.
  • It was fine to hear the wild staccato note again.
  • It was a vivid, a staccato attitude.
  • A gunshot came faint but staccato from the outer world.
  • A buzzer on his desk gave three sharp, staccato signals.
  • La donna, come ebbe staccato le budella, le buttò al cane.
  • Octaves should be practised with loose wrists and staccato touch.
  • The staccato drumming of the exhaust echoed along the hillside.
  • Rhythm and beauty of style can hardly be achieved by staccato yips.
  • The sharp and staccato pulse of an approaching automobile was to be heard.
  • He pursed his lips and whistled a series of staccato dots and dashes.
  • Irony grew in her smile, a staccato crispness in her utterance.
  • At midnight we heard the staccato beats of a horse's hoofs.
  • A big dog came toward him with sharp, staccato inquiring barks.
  • Then came Jerry's in sharp, staccato tones.
  • Then the short, staccato whistle of Bob White struck the air.
  • On and on went the yelping staccato of the Honorable Pulaski D. Britt.
  • Marie's shrill treble rose and fell with regular staccato emphasis.

Definition of Staccato

(music) Describing a passage having this mark. | Made up of abruptly disconnected parts or sounds. | (music) An articulation marking directing that a note or passage of notes are to be played in an abruptly disconnected manner, with each note sounding for a very short duration, and a short break lasting until the sounding of the next note; as opposed to legato. Staccato is indicated by a dot directly above or below the notehead.
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