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  • Went into the ring with a stagger added to the swagger.
  • And there sure enough was a sight to stagger me.
  • You stagger and reel like a craft that has lost her helm!
  • Now Roger would stagger to his knees: now Charley.
  • Lloyd heard him finally stagger to his knees and he called to him.
  • Upham had not a horse that could more than stagger a few yards at a time.
  • The thought seemed to stagger him as it became more and more real to him.
  • Then the pigs stagger by: their garlands are excessively unbecoming.
  • Browning was solid, and it took a terrific blow to stagger him.
  • As he did so another kick made him stagger to his feet gasping with pain.
  • Carrying-places come, and when sick men come to them they stagger and fall.
  • She thumps and lurches, and they stagger together, feeling sick.
  • Young Pete heard his pop gasp and saw him stagger in the dim light.
  • All at once we saw Captain Sparhawk stagger and throw up his arms.
  • They stagger and totter As people half-famished, A drink will restore them.

How To Use Stagger In A Sentence?

  • You shall have as much strong beer when you come back as you can stagger under.
  • So he rose from the sofa, and began to stagger along toward the door of the saloon.
  • A task to stagger the optimism of any but one equipped with the sublime impudence of Youth!
  • This causes a feeling of shame to awake in me, and I stagger over to the wall and hold on to it.
  • Here is that friend shall shake you by the head, And make you stagger ere he speake to you.
  • Seemed as if Opposition, thus deserted, would stagger blindly on till it fell in some ditch.
  • He was satisfied, so much so that immediately afterward he yawned and yawned and barely managed to stagger off to bed.
  • Now, both the one and the other were too far gone with weariness to do more than drop helplessly from the horses and stagger into the inn parlour.
  • The ford allowed the peons to stagger through at mid-leg on the uneven pavement afforded by the large pebbles of the bed.
  • Though he had so carefully prepared the catastrophe, and brought it about with such determination, its results seemed suddenly to stagger him.
  • He's not heavy and doesn't struggle, so we won't leave him to stagger and fall.
  • There they would remain until their drunken stupor wore off, when they would stagger home to begin a new day.
  • Not knowing what to do, we ape our ancestors; the churches stagger backward to the mummeries of the dark ages.
  • They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wit's end.
  • As usual he was of a sea-green colour, and might be expected at any moment to stagger to a porthole and call faintly for the steward.
  • A faint hope of driving them off made her tumble out of bed, and stagger across the room to look in the old cracked looking-glass.
  • He did not stagger or flinch, though his antagonist struck straight from the shoulder, with a brawny, small fist.
  • The fresh air revived him a little, and in a short time he was able to stagger with aching limbs back to the inn where his companions were staying.
  • But as unheeding as before, the girl kept on, appeared to stagger a moment as she struck the depression, and then sank to the ice.
  • Irresponsible snow-devils dance by the lee of a barn where three gusts meet, or stagger out into the open till they are cut down by the main wind.
  • This war spirit still exists to scourge the nations with war, to stagger with its problem of war the brains of statesmen believing in peace.
  • The question took him so entirely unawares that, in the slight, involuntary movement he made, he seemed to himself to stagger backward.
  • After a few minutes, the shepherd began to stagger like an intoxicated person, and then fell into profound sleep, during which he talked wildly.
  • At last the rock itself became visible, and after many hours he was able, almost spent with fatigue, to stagger to the land.
  • The two had left me for dead in the kitchen, and the fire was almost upon me when I gained strength to rise and stagger out.

Definition of Stagger

Sway unsteadily, reel, or totter. | Doubt, waver, be shocked. | (transitive) Have multiple groups doing the same thing in a uniform fashion, but starting at different, evenly-spaced, times or places (attested from 1856).
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