Stagnant In A Sentence

Definition of Stagnant

Lacking freshness, motion, or flow; decaying through stillness. | (figuratively) Without progress or change; stale; inactive.

How To Use Stagnant In A Sentence?

  • Kerosene was poured over all the ponds and stagnant pools of water which could not be drained.
  • Without that, peace is only the scum on the surface of the foul and stagnant pool.
  • While approaching one of these swamps, we noticed a gray mist hanging over the stagnant pools.
  • Quagmire and quicksand, stagnant pool and sluggish stream, succeed in weary iteration.
  • No trees afforded a cool shade, and a stagnant water-hole or two was no temptation to drink.
  • My head, alas, by the evidence, is a shell which is brought from a stagnant shore.
  • Access to stagnant water, unclean enclosures or unclean drinking dishes may also cause diarrhoea.
  • The whole place smelled of stagnant sea-water, as it had when I had waked on the previous evening.
  • It is a perfectly stagnant pool where there is no motion, and there you get corruption and not life.
  • Then he leaned out and clutched the floating satin bubbling and ballooning yet unsubmerged above the stagnant depths and drew it towards him.
  • From that first awakening my skull was a mere globe of stagnant fluid, for any disease germs that listed to propagate in.
  • Searell was in a hurry to be gone, as the sleeper struggles to awake from a bad dream; but that voice and its stagnant repose aroused him.
  • Of course, it is a snake infested wilderness, but there is such a dearth of stagnant water that few breeding places are furnished for insects.
  • The dull windows of the courtyard watched him like stagnant eyes as, leaning aside, he labored to turn and lower himself.
  • About noon they passed a large buffalo wallow, half filled with stagnant water, that the animals drank eagerly.
  • Shortly after leaving Abercrombie we passed a small creek in whose leaves and stagnant waters mosquitoes were numerous.
  • She had wings, of course, and half petrified with horror though she was, she yet fluttered away from that stagnant water.
  • About half way across we came to a sluice of stagnant water which, directly in the road of the caravan, had settled down into an oozy pond.
  • It has a mud wall, disintegrating from neglect, surrounded occasionally by a ditch, and at other times by foul and stagnant ponds.
  • His vivacity was un-English, yet at the back of his nature there lay surely a stagnant reservoir of melancholy.
  • Her stagnant sympathies, her sometimes unreasonable manner, had covered a heart frank and well meaning, and originally hopeful and warm.
  • A gentle breeze was blowing up here on the mountain top, but Charley knew that down in the valleys the air was like stagnant water.
  • His vision, refined by the wasting of his body, created shadows that lay about his feet like stagnant pools, shadows where no shadows should be.
  • Where water yards are provided this should not be on stagnant water but there should be some circulation of the water so as to keep it clean and fresh.
  • At Musgee we had clear running water, which was really enjoyable after the stagnant stuff we had been drinking at Antalo.
  • Will not all the torments of being buried alive come upon him and stop his breath so that his heart will burst under the pressure of the stagnant blood?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stagnant | Stagnant Sentence

  • This is not a stagnant sea.
  • Here and there were stone quarries and stagnant pools.
  • Till they arrive the air is an all but stagnant pool.
  • These insects are as foul as a stagnant pond.
  • But beware of very cold or stagnant water!
  • His eyes were stagnant with an appalling retrospect.
  • Shut-in and Stagnant Air is Foul.
  • Oh passive, creeping Sea, and stagnant Air, Farewell!
  • We waded through warm, stagnant water which teemed with marine life.
  • What human agency would operate so mysteriously in this hot, stagnant sea?
  • The moat runs round the whole, filled with the usual stagnant water.
  • I doubt if any English visitor ever troubles its stagnant repose.
  • That melancholy moor, with its grey stones And stagnant water-pools.
  • The stagnant waters of Warigesui's filthy stream lay beneath him.

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