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  • When not a stain pollutes it.
  • Nobody can put the stain on as well as you.
  • Better a blush on the face than a stain in the heart.
  • Had a stain been found on the earthly fair.
  • A dark red stain spread over the coarse, common calico.
  • As a floor stain it's great, but as tea it's a failure.
  • And I will suffer no stain upon my name.
  • All our haversacks have been boiled in coffee to stain them khaki.
  • They allowed their violations to stain and bloody their souls.
  • He examined the stain without repugnance, and thought of the bricklayer.
  • Nicotine stain on right forefinger, extending to middle of second phalanx.
  • The chameleon-like color, also, of the stain excited a good deal of comment.
  • A coof like him wad stain your name, If it were kent ye did it.
  • We wash, and free from all stain are we, Yet barren evermore must be!

How To Use Stain In A Sentence?

  • Then his brother bent over him and rubbed in stain where the scrubby mustache had been.
  • And the stain noted on your right posterior phalanx by the learned medical examiners?
  • Without doubt it had been placed there to conceal the ugly stain of blood upon the carpet.
  • He accordingly rubbed out the stain a second time, but the second morning it appeared again.
  • The stain of blood is blotted out, and in its place beams forth a ray of holy light.
  • It was helped out by the stain his brother had applied to his face in the Khyber.
  • Concealed beneath that square of green crochet-work was a large dark-brown stain upon the brocade.
  • The use is chiefly for the face, whilst they stain the other parts of the body with Arnotta.
  • Indeed I scarcely knew myself when I returned to the bill with the red stain upon it.
  • The one seemed to help the other, while no stain of worldliness marred the even flow of their words.
  • The stain is quite distinct on both paper and cover, and shows that there was only one such piece of fruit placed there.
  • Josephine essayed, with a dexterous gesture, to so fold the cloak over that the stain would be for the time concealed.
  • The stain was still there, in spite of him, just as the memory of the murder would cling always to the place.
  • She had spread an old braided rug over the brown stain on the floor, and she ate in her own room with the door shut.
  • He stood looking at them, much as he had looked at the stain that would not come out, no matter how hard he scrubbed.
  • His omnipotence is pledged to wipe out the stain and efface the shadow of evil, in as far as possible, from the glory of his creation.
  • In one shop, indeed, the excavators found an overturned cup on the counter and a wine stain on the marble.
  • There is no moral depth below that occupied by the writer or publisher of obscene books, that stain with lust, the loving heart of youth.
  • Darrie had also departed, to the big house, to rub her blouse quickly, so that no stain would remain.
  • It was a man, and, as he tried to turn him over, he saw a slight red stain on the snow beneath his mouth.
  • The next morning, however, when they came down to breakfast, they found the terrible stain of blood once again on the floor.
  • Has he not suffered me to feel the pangs of hunger, to see my children deprived of bread, to permit me to stain my whole existence with a crime?
  • After that, Lite let other work wait while he cleaned the kitchen and tried to wash out that brown stain on the floor.
  • They were ready to commit any enormity, because when it was done they could go to confession, wipe the stain off the slate, and come back smiling.
  • Several drops of Alizarin red-S stain in a saturated alcoholic solution were added to the 3 to 5 ccs.
  • The council of Tarragona in Aragon, after applying the torture, pronounced the order free from the stain of heresy.

Definition of Stain

(transitive) To discolour. | To taint or tarnish someone's character or reputation | To coat a surface with a stain
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