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  • They filled the stairways and the halls below.
  • There are heavy stairways with black walnut rails.
  • Unused to stairways his knees ached before they reached the top.
  • This house had stairways and second story rooms over the shops.

How To Use Stairways In A Sentence?

  • This royal trinity of stairways ranked as the distinguishing feature of the mansion.
  • Gloomy interiors and stumbling stairways lead up to spacious apartments and breezy balconies.
  • The very stairways were dark with men who hung on to one another like bees in a swarm.
  • This is not so very difficult, since at points there are stairways that give ready access.
  • There are stairways that lead nowhere and terraces from which nothing can be seen....
  • The chain was something like the moving stairways which are in some department stores instead of elevators.
  • As the defenders came rushing up the stairways to the upper world, the guns at their belts exploded in furious heat.
  • You see the stairways from room to room are of iron, and then every floor has an iron deck covered with hard pine.
  • In both cases they are pyramidal in shape, and have level summits of considerable extent, which were reached by means of stairways on the outside.
  • He was not a little astonished to see, as he went along, the marks of a large foot along the stairways and corridors of the house.
  • Wood being dear, everyone could not afford doors, and some houses were entered by stairways leading to the flat and partly open roofs.
  • In early days, the lessons were read from the top of the rood screen, and in many of our churches the stairways leading thither have been retained.
  • Just below us there seemed to be a man dodging in and out of the blocks of shadow made by the high-railed stairways that led up to the first floor of the row of flats in which our rooms were located.
  • Now corridors and stairways were alive with servants, and only with difficulty did the gardener finally reach the antechamber and hand the note to the Countess.
  • Sometimes they climbed nearly to the top of a kopje, the mules going up stairways of granite as if born to it, and the lovely country lay outspread in a glorious panorama before them.
  • Almost at the same time a rush of people began from the steerage quarters, swarming up stairways and ladders to reach this high deck hitherto sacred to the first-class passengers.
  • In shape they are usually square or rectangular, but sometimes hexagonal or octagonal, and the higher mounds appear to have been constructed with winding stairways on the outside leading to their summits.
  • On the inner side of each angle, broad wooden stairways ascended to the top, the stairways themselves being enclosed at intervals by wooden gates twelve feet high.

Definition of Stairways

plural of stairway
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