Stalactites in a sentence

Definition of Stalactites

plural of stalactite

How to use Stalactites in a Sentence?

  • Various fragments of stalactites and stalagmites were found as part of the detritus.
  • Where such a cavity extended under a large stone, stalactites were in process of formation.
  • Some yellowish threads, detached from the mass, hung in stalactites from the buttons of his coat.
  • In time the stalactites and the stalagmites will meet, forming a great column reaching from floor to ceiling.
  • The rock is white limestone, in which are chambers and passage-ways, stalactites and stalagmites innumerable.
  • The wax dripping from some of these hung like icicles or stalactites from the shallow bronze cups, and they illuminated a scene that was bizarre.
  • On either side can be seen giant stalactites dependant from the roof, looking like mighty columns to support the dome.
  • Sometimes the water runs down so slowly upon these stalactites that it evaporates as fast as it appears, leaving behind its little load of carbonate of lime.
  • There is considerable drip, and though dry stalactites and stalagmites occur in some places, over most of the front chamber their formation is still in progress.
  • The stalactites and the hurrying river multiplied the dancing lights into a million, and the great roof hurled the din down again to make confusion with the new din coming up.
  • The entrance is narrow and difficult, but the interior is large and spacious, widening out in some places into dome-shaped chambers, with stalactites hanging from the roof.

Short Example Sentence for Stalactites

  • No stalactites or stalagmites.
  • There are stalactites that look like plants and men.