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  • Trains were stalled all along the route.
  • We got stalled at the very foot of it.
  • I follered her out and found where she stalled her hoss.
  • His car had stalled in a tiny town one evening.
  • At present he was stalled like a pig, he declared.
  • I saw one mule team stalled in one of these sloughs.
  • Then of a stalled ox, grown very fat from being cared for.
  • There was also cold stalled ox on Sundays at one.
  • What makes the dinner of herbs sometimes more refreshing than the stalled ox?
  • Shifting into reverse, he slowly backed away from the stalled coupe.
  • I saw many wagons down over their hubs, stalled in the mire.
  • Keeping their direction fresh in his mind, he stalled upward on his search.
  • Bashful youths stalled and crowded in the doorway like a log jam in the river.
  • There's been a couple of inspectors around, but I stalled 'em off.
  • The express, Ralph knew, was stalled by a wash-out beyond Acton.

How To Use Stalled In A Sentence?

  • Then the four girls picked her up and carried her toward the stalled automobile.
  • Then the stalled cake turned completely over and thrust its muddy nose skyward.
  • The church in which our fathers worshipped, stabled the horse and stalled the ox.
  • Overloaded trains were stalled and harbors froze over, imprisoning the coal barges.
  • Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.
  • They had been stalled in the gorge, and a provost guard was hurrying the laggard teamsters.
  • A team of mules, finding themselves stalled in a stream, will become frantic with terror.
  • Now Frank suddenly caught it up again and focused it almost at once on the stalled motor boat.
  • Thor stalled his goats, splendid of horn, then turned him to the hall that Hymir owned.
  • The storm had wrecked every wire and stalled every train, and Orham was isolated for two days.
  • Met Mr. Lorimer already; pulled my wagon up most kindly when the team was stalled in a ravine.
  • As the light turned green, Mr. Hatfield started up too quickly and stalled the engine.
  • Beyond San Luis Obispo, two big freight trains were stalled by a cave-in caused by the earthquake.
  • One which became stalled and failed in its enterprise called for satirical comment which was applied to all.
  • Our engine driver was held up by the strikers bivouacked in the railroad yards and we were stalled there for hours.
  • He was of opinion that a peaceful dinner of herbs is better than a stalled ox and contention therewith.
  • It is the shrew who succeeds in giving the males dependent on her stalled oxen and such like dainties to eat.
  • And the guns and caissons of a battery of artillery were stalled near our camp, and had to be abandoned for the time.
  • I was about to probe searchingly into so optimistic a view of modern authorship, but he stalled me off by proceeding rapidly with his discourse.
  • But it was also trying on the nerves to stay in the stalled auto, exposed as it was by the lack of side curtains.
  • If your car breaks down during a storm, or if you become stalled or lost, don't panic.
  • He had stopped so suddenly, however, that he had stalled his engine and now he had to take time in which to use the electric starter.
  • There never was a slave who did not prefer his dinner of herbs, earned by his own labour, to the stalled ox of luxurious captivity.
  • We take what provender the gods deliver to us in out of the way places, like stalled oxen or uncomplaining army mules!
  • Will alighted from the auto, and, going as far as the edge of the muddy road, looked critically at the stalled wagon.

Definition of Stalled

simple past tense and past participle of stall
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