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  • The pit here and stalls are cheap.
  • The lights were now all up and the stalls filling.
  • Its stalls are of red wood.
  • Other stalls opened upon the street.
  • There were fifty-two choir stalls of carved walnut wood.
  • But when I faced the stalls I must admit that I trembled.
  • A plane stalls when its speed through the air drops below a certain point.
  • Broken partitions show where little stalls used to open upon the court.
  • Although not a public or religious holiday, many of the stalls were closed.
  • Many of the stalls were entirely given over to Christmas-tree splendours.
  • The stalls are usually opened about 6.30 a.m., and closed at sunset.
  • It has stalls for horses, and good accommodation for European travellers.
  • The long rows of stalls were packed with the drift and refuse of a great City.
  • Safe enough, Miss, there's plenty o' empty stalls this side.

How To Use Stalls In A Sentence?

  • And the distracted landlord had neither beds for the human beings nor stalls for the horses.
  • The stalls also were repaired, and the paint cleared off the seats in the choir.
  • The shops or stalls are much alike in appearance, though they vary considerably in size.
  • Flower stalls of roses, carnations, marguerites, gave a foreign look to the city.
  • I saw him in the stalls of a theatre last year with a woman whose hair I feel sure was dyed.
  • The choir was restored in memory of Bishop Hamilton, and the old choir stalls cleared.
  • It was a dispute between the peasants who brought in the fruit and the keepers of the stalls who sold it.
  • He was walking through the centre when a person started up from one of the stalls and grasping his hand exclaimed.
  • In the course of the morning they were led to the stalls where the ship's cows were kept.
  • The first two rows of the stalls were principally occupied by middle-aged and rather elderly gentlemen.
  • I was put to cleaning stalls and currying horses for my two hours' work each day.
  • Have you ever been to a country fair, and seen its funny little stalls of sweets and chinaware and its quaint shows?
  • Wainscoting and pews were then erected, and we read of a furnishing of choir seats, and of stalls for the dean and prebendaries under the organ.
  • Marketing housewives with covered baskets oscillate undecidedly from stalls to shops, and put off purchasing to the last possible moment.
  • Under his direction, too, new stalls for the dean and prebendaries were erected under the organ, and new stalls for the choir constructed.
  • Fish is frequently sold from stalls along the street, and on Friday fish wagons go about through the district.
  • Already carpenters had done much to that effect by erecting enclosures on the top deck, the main deck, by putting up stalls in the hold.
  • The orders for the stalls in Manaar must also be applied for here, and repairs carried out as soon as possible.
  • The choir stalls also owe their present form to Scott, but he incorporated in them as much old work as possible.
  • In half an hour the grimy stalls had disappeared under piles of green vegetables, built up in orderly masses by the Chinese dealers.
  • In an irregular space, shapeless and crowded with stalls and booths, stands the ancient fortress, long since rebuilt and handed over to the law.
  • The workshops, which like the stalls of the Bazaars are quite open towards the street, are also interesting to look at.
  • You see, a plane which stalls at forty miles an hour will, when landing into a fifteen-mile wind, make contact at twenty-five miles an hour.
  • After repeated outbreaks, I not only removed the wood-work, but the whole of the stones in the stalls and greeps, and buried them.
  • He gallanted me into the stable by the arm, and placed himself back in one of the horses stalls and ordered me to stand by until he was ready to come out.
  • For these the admiration was hearty and sincere, and the farmers went along the stalls amazed and wonderstruck at the size and symmetry of the noble animals that filled them.

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Third-person singular simple present indicative form of stall | plural of stall
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