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  • Neither was there any standard time.
  • Forever float that standard sheet!
  • His one standard was that of a gentleman.
  • Men flocked daily to join our standard as we marched.
  • Access to the Greek mind lifts his standard of taste.
  • The educational standard among our officers was quite respectable.
  • For telegraph service, they represent the present standard practice.
  • Randolph Hamilton once more seized the standard of the regiment.
  • Raise the standard of battle; Again take your swords.
  • The 1912 tractor was given up as less efficient than the Standard 1913.
  • You must not judge Paddy by the same standard as you apply to John.

How To Use Standard In A Sentence?

  • The greater percentage of these have been home-made copies of standard machines.
  • They attempted to prostitute the law to their own base standard of political morality.
  • The slots now provided at the base of standard mouthpieces effectually prevent this.
  • The chloride of silver cell is largely used as a standard for testing purposes.
  • This general form of transmitting telephone has prevailed and at present is the standard type.
  • One was finally adopted and great success was achieved, and remains standard at the present time.
  • Its catalogue is the standard catalogue on the desk of every library in Oxford.
  • It is not easy to underrate the professional standard of the English officer a hundred years ago.
  • The present standard sneak-current arrester embodies the two elements of the devices of Fig.
  • These instruments created a standard so that they are now the most highly prized violins in existence.
  • Yet, it was not until twenty years later that a standard railroad was put down between these two villages.
  • From the very beginning she aimed at reducing everything to a fixed standard and then turning out airplanes in large numbers.
  • This figure is a cross-sectional view of the base and standard of a familiar type of desk telephone.
  • This type of cell has the advantage of a somewhat lower internal resistance than the standard form just described.
  • I shows-the practical limiting conversation distance over uniform lines with present standard telephone apparatus.
  • This is the standard repeating coil now used by the Bell companies in their common-battery cord circuits.
  • Yet something may be done, and tables have been prepared for standard wire sizes with definite thicknesses of silk and cotton insulation.
  • He had entered a new world, with a different standard of courage and hardihood, and the first look at it frightened and awed him.
  • The most used and standard size of dry cell is of cylindrical form six inches high and two and three-quarters inches in diameter.
  • Hitherto her particular habit was to work, and she had been able, unaided, to keep the house up to her immaculate standard of perfection.
  • Bridging bells are ordinarily wound to a resistance of 1,000 or 1,600 ohms, these two figures having become standard practice.
  • The Templars mounted and set forward at the voice of their marshal, the standard-bearer preceding them with the standard of the order.
  • When the battle commenced, the marshal usually took the standard out of the hands of the sub-marshal and unfurled it in the name of God.
  • Later the front elevator was brought closer in, finally discarded, and the fan tail adopted and this remains the standard land machine to-day.
  • The reason, I believe, is that the exponents of the different theories have failed to agree on a definite standard of comparison.
  • The glass jar is usually cylindrical, the standard sizes being 5 inches diameter and 7 inches deep; and also 6 inches diameter and 8 inches deep.
  • Fulton once taken, the boys will flock to our standard by thousands, and Jefferson City will become an easy prey.
  • The more humble have so much less lavish a standard that half a crown will meet their liabilities, or else a sum left to the generosity of the giver.
  • Make sketch of the standard arrangement of the Western Electric Company in bridging the common battery with repeating coils.

Definition of Standard

Falling within an accepted range of size, amount, power, quality, etc. | (of a tree or shrub) Growing alone as a free-standing plant; not trained on a post etc. | Having recognized excellence or authority.
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