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Definition of Stanza

A unit of a poem, written or printed as a paragraph; equivalent to a verse. | (architecture) An apartment or division in a building. | (computing) An XML element which acts as basic unit of meaning in XMPP.

How To Use Stanza In A Sentence?

  • In the action for this stanza the hoe and the feet of the dancers have a special part.
  • From the opening to the closing stanza there is not an imperfect verse, not a commonplace.
  • Of the same in kind, but unutterably sweet and dainty also in its exquisiteness, is stanza vii.
  • In the last stanza the field is still further broadened until his thought is that all we do lives after us.
  • The words in the two lines of each stanza of the song serve as a prelude to the action which follows.
  • After a little while there was a song, and at the close of each stanza a hearty roar and a vehement thumping on the table.
  • Thus the same conception would become a stanza or a volume, according as its treatment were lyrical or romantic.
  • Our most positive convictions of religious truth are apt to come to us in some line or stanza that tells the whole story.
  • Aveva freddo, sempre che ritornava ad aspettare in quella stanza solitaria colui che doveva venirci.
  • Frank Merriwell improvised a stanza of a song, and in a few moments the entire band caught the words and the tune.
  • Such are the splendid elements of the poem, outlining in a stanza the finest type, objects, and scenery of mediaeval heroism.
  • Sometimes he kept a stanza or two; sometimes only a line or chorus; sometimes merely the name of the air; the rest was his own.
  • This is one of the most elaborate sonnets: its metrical scheme combines antistrophic and stanza structure (above, page 243).
  • In this stanza and the two following Longfellow describes what his poems have come to mean to us and the place they hold in American life.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stanza | Stanza Sentence

  • Analyze each stanza as to structure.
  • A stanza for each century!
  • Who pens a stanza when he should engross.
  • This stanza is not in the original version.
  • A stanza or two will suffice as a specimen.
  • E recavasi in una stanza vicina.
  • Reconstruction of the final stanza is mostly conjectural.
  • I have omitted a stanza as inferior to the rest.
  • In this stanza the promise of fruit is given.
  • The metrical scheme shows stanza structure throughout.
  • Sì, una stanza grande...
  • One only stanza more, the last of another also in 1852.
  • Può darsi che fosse in una stanza lontana...
  • Lusiads, canto 6, stanza 95.
  • This stanza is unintelligible in Dalzell.
  • Mi slancio verso la porta della stanza di lei!
  • The stanza is really borrowed from Hafiz.
  • Added close quote to end of first stanza of poem XXIX.
  • This stanza was the chorus to be repeated after every eight lines.
  • Satana, io m'allontanai da quella stanza maledetta!
  • From the last stanza it is evident that it was aimed at Hamilton.
  • Nel crepuscolo mattinale la serva scopava, in basso, la stanza da pranzo.
  • Svetonio narra che Tiberio teneva quei libri nella sua stanza a Capri.
  • This stanza is the sixth in Deloney's copy, and is there clearly misplaced.
  • On every stanza so penned would be written the word RECREANT!

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