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  • Philippa stared at her companion.
  • The men stared at him.
  • Hicks stared up at him calculatingly.
  • I stared at him a second.
  • Richard stared at his sister in amazement.
  • He stared around in the light of the flash.
  • I stared for a moment as if doubting my eyes.
  • Gray stared across at him in angry bewilderment.
  • Smith stared after him, frankly astonished.
  • Raising her head, the woman stared at her without replying.
  • The artist stared at Hubert a long time in silence.
  • She simply stared at her caller in a noncomprehending manner.
  • Gray stared blankly at the man for a moment without answering.
  • Burckhardt flung open the front door and stared out into the quiet street.
  • The man stared at him with a fierce incredulity in his gleaming dark eyes.
  • The landlord threatened, starvation stared them in the face.
  • He stared at the bright flame of the lamp, he listened to the silence.
  • Renouard, his hand grasping the back of a chair, stared down at him dumbly.
  • Archibald stared at the Doctor a moment, and then burst out laughing.
  • He stared down in an undecided way at the helpless Mrs. Carrington.
  • He staggered to his own desk and stared unseeingly at the morning's mail.
  • He brought it on himself," he muttered, as he stared down at the still figure.
  • Miss Moorsom's eyes stared black as night, searching the space before her.

How To Use Stared In A Sentence?

  • The others stared after him as he marched down the boardwalk in his headstrong way.
  • Women stared from the doors of the houses and the children had apparently gone into hiding.
  • The clerks stuck their pens behind their ears and stared after him from the windows.
  • Burckhardt went back to his own office and stared distastefully at the unopened mail on his desk.
  • Lifting his sensitive young face, he stared up at the row of decaying tenements.
  • The Burckhardts stared at each other for a heartbeat, then hurried fearfully to the window.
  • Dearing stared fixedly at Harding for a moment, and then thrust the paper into his hand.
  • Patricia sank down beside Rita Stanford and stared under cover of the fire-flicker.
  • No one could appreciate better than ourselves the unpleasant possibilities that stared us in the face.
  • So he stared while the homunculus letting his cloak fall about him, aspired an immense quantity of snuff out of the hollow of his palm.
  • We were patted on the back if we resembled the English models; we were stared at or sneered at if we did not.
  • He stared about with his mouth open and saw a white woman issue from the long grass in which a small hut stood buried nearly up to the roof.
  • Like one suddenly bereft of all power of speech or motion I stared mutely at the black wall before me.
  • She walked up to the fire-place without regarding my uncle; who raised his nightcap with one hand, and stared earnestly at her.
  • We stared at the farmer while he raved, lit his cigar, and then, in the torrent of his passion, let it out again.
  • The whole company stared at me with a whimsical muggy look, like men whose senses were a little obfuscated by beer rather than wine.
  • She stared so long with the door in her hand, this time, that I rushed past her and ran up the stairs.

Definition of Stared

simple past tense and past participle of stare
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