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  • Then he stops and stares at it.
  • Dulce stares at him in a bewildered fashion.
  • Adamo stares at her in mute consternation.
  • Financial ruin stares all in the face.
  • Why stares she with unsettled eye?
  • It stares us full in the face.
  • He sits down and stares ahead sternly.
  • The steward stares at his mistress in mute amazement.
  • With stares of curiosity they drew aside to let him enter.
  • The Beg stares around him in terror.
  • Beside the lilied lake, She stares the buds awake.
  • ASHER stares hard at them as they leave.
  • The cant of the charge stares all too plainly from the face of it.
  • As he looks at her she backs a step or two and stares at him wildly.
  • His eyes will come out of his head if he stares at it much longer.
  • Death stares him in the face, and shakes at him his iron spear.
  • And he lies down on his back in a field of clover, and stares up at the sky.
  • Unaware of the curious stares addressed at him Moore went to the outer door.
  • From habit, ASHER stares at them defiantly, as DR.
  • He stares into the air and nods--forward and back.
  • The stares seemed to him robbery and the girl's smiles faithlessness.
  • I don't like it, sir, when a man stares at me long without winking.

How To Use Stares In A Sentence?

  • She passed the footmen at the door, quite aware of their stares and equally undaunted by them.
  • The king stares at the face of the corpse for a long time and at last recognises his dead son.
  • As if aroused from sleep, he surveys the fishermen, and stares long at the dark curtain.
  • An' just the same, yon nasty critter Stares at me now that soft an' bitter!
  • She simply stares at the intruder as if she wanted him to see for himself how very attractive she is.
  • The foolish sluggard stares hopelessly into the intricacies of the forest, and thinks that it can never be reclaimed.
  • He swung himself along rapidly, unabashed by the stares of the women or the impudent comment of the children.
  • This ideal is absolutely false, and creates the greatest source of danger in existence that stares women in the face.
  • No one paid any attention to him, and he rather missed the stares he'd become used to drawing.
  • Notwithstanding their wretched fate, their places are quickly supplied by others, although death stares them in the face.
  • Finally, there was the colour treatment, where one stares at bright colours reflected over a lamp in a darkened room.
  • The youngster favoured me with one of her bold, predatory stares as she desisted from torturing her immense teddy bear for a moment.
  • Wherever one goes to this day, his monogram, which heads this story, stares at him from the splendid buildings he erected.
  • A place where old-fashioned flowers bloomed modestly in retired corners, veiled from curious stares by a high hedge of aromatic box.
  • You see no movement and hear no noise, but the light grows upon you, and stares and stares like a huge eye from the infernal regions.
  • Let us look closely at the hands themselves, as Ronicky stands in the door of the hotel and stares at the people walking by.
  • Roger, following her glance, pulls up short, and stares fixedly at the man below, now drawing terribly near to the condemned spot.
  • The obstinate optimist stares a moment, turns pale, and then, with an oath, strikes his more clear-headed neighbor in the face!

Definition of Stares

plural of stare
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