Staring In A Sentence

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  • I was staring at her face.
  • Ruin was now staring him in the face.
  • Gray lay on the ground staring up at them.
  • They stood so for a moment staring at each other.
  • Norman gazed at the spot with staring eyes.
  • She had risen and stood now staring in front of her.
  • Wallie stood for a second staring at the tragedy.
  • They stood staring at each other like two duellists.
  • Renouard laughed again abruptly, staring as before.
  • Burckhardt stood staring at the switch for a long time.
  • Lumley was staring up at him with sudden fierce suspicion in his glance.
  • Every house on the block had faces staring out of windows by then.
  • I had turned my head rather quickly and caught him staring straight at me.
  • Finally I went up to my room and sat down by the windows, staring out.

How To Use Staring In A Sentence?

  • Nobody looks at me because everybody is staring so hard at the girls who are improperly dressed.
  • You may suppose there was some little staring at all this, but it mattered nothing to me.
  • There sat the dog with eyes as big as saucers, staring at him in great surprise.
  • The magnate sat upon it with a darkened face, staring blankly at the clouds or on the ground.
  • When she could bear it no longer she turned a pale face to where Tancredi sat staring into space.
  • There he saw the Old Owl, sitting on a branch and staring at him with yellow eyes.
  • He was too boyish and ingenuous not to suffer some embarrassment as he passed little groups staring after him.
  • Then he jerked himself loose and sprang up, staring about in the darkness for some enemy that he could kill.
  • The next scene showed the wrecker on the rainswept beach staring into the depths for some sign from the belated ship.
  • It was quite different from the general effect of staring about and divided attention one gets in a political procession of men.
  • Jacob remained staring at the bottle, and then at the open hamper in the closet, as if fascinated by the gaze of some deadly serpent.
  • The light which we have gained was given us, not to be ever staring on, but by it to discover onward things more remote from our knowledge.
  • It was rather dim to read expressions, but she thought a strange look flitted across the eager face that was staring so hard at her.
  • I hear them right well," murmurs the trembling freebooter, with wildly staring eyes.
  • She took to staring out across the grounds again, and one hand drew up slowly till it was doubled into a tight-shut little fist.
  • A white cat was staring at some goldfish; she sat very, very still, but now and then the tip of her tail twitched as if it were alive.
  • He moved away a few paces and flung himself down on the ground, and sat with his head propped on his hands, staring straight in front of him.
  • He sank down on the ground again, and sat there with his elbows on his knees, his head propped on his hands, staring steadily before him.
  • He just turned his head to speak, and then went back to his old position, his eyes staring hopelessly across the silent waste.
  • She burst into a torrent of tears, and Val stood staring at her in amazement that swiftly softened to pity.
  • She opened her door, and stood there staring into the twilit room, her slim grace outlined against the golden rain of falling leaves outside.
  • The Wallach did not appear to hear the question; he remained in just the same position, blankly staring and immovable.
  • V Swanson, after a single inarticulate sound, walked over to the desk and sat staring at the wall.
  • The manager of the restaurant was staring suspiciously at Burckhardt, who sank back in his seat and tried to look inconspicuous.
  • He followed up the vow by jumping off his horse, and making his way past the staring Mynheers into the public room.
  • MacRae stood staring for a second or two, then turned and scattered the fire broadcast on the sand with a movement of his foot.

Definition of Staring

present participle of stare | The act of one who stares.
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