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  • Below the ridiculous starred hole in the glass a choking body began a gradual dying.
  • Here was now, since the rain had fallen, fair green grass starred with flowers.
  • The long black hair, starred with small coins, falls abundantly over the shoulders.
  • Also the garden, starred with spring flowers, was even more lovely than I had expected.
  • Not starred and spangled courts, Where low-browed baseness wafts perfume to pride.
  • Not starred and spangled courts, Where low-browed baseness wafts perfume to pride.
  • This famous screen classic starred Greta Garbo; the variant bits were minor, but they were there.
  • Patches of primroses and anemones starred the ground about her, and trails of periwinkle touched her dress.
  • The quiet greenness had become starred as far as eye could carry with a gentle rain of myriad tinted petals.
  • Through the open door in the middle of the back wall rises the slope of a hill, green with spring and starred with flowers.
  • Sometimes he would stop to peck the bright vermilion bunches of the pigeon-berry, which here and there starred the hillocks beside the road.
  • The birds are twittering loudly as they build their nests in the blossom-laden trees, the grass is starred with the first dandelions.
  • Sometimes he would stop to peck the bright vermilion bunches of the pigeon-berry, which here and there starred the hillocks beside the road.
  • Along the edges of that winding path grew banks of velvet green moss, starred with clusters of pigeon berries.
  • Helpless and hopeless it is drawn ashore, upturning, in the act of submission, its starred and gleamy flanks.
  • There seemed to be a slight bluish mist over the garden and the building, a mist starred with patches of white and dazzlingly green leaf.
  • Neither of these inns is starred by Baedeker, and this fact adds the last touch of enchantment to the picture.
  • The great lady was just rising from a chair in front of her mirror, brocaded, powdered, and starred with jewels.
  • The way up to the topmost seats is through grass and weeds starred with tiny flowerets, mantling over the scars of Time.
  • Just after sunset the leaden skies cleared, and the starred firmamental blue of a Canadian winter night replaced them.
  • The sun, shining through it, made our tent of shawls perfectly gorgeous in crimson light, barred and starred with gold.
  • Carter always chuckled contentedly over the cartoons of the tall, lank figure with the lean face, grimly set jaws and starred top hat.
  • At a distance it looks like the gray locks of a Titan crowned with bright green leaves, and here and there starred with the rich bloom of orchids.
  • Our public life has been starred with illustrious names, famous for honesty, sagacity, and humanity, and, above all, for justice.
  • But the diseases that lured him most were those in which surgery failed to give the relief hoped for, and one such he had specially starred out for laborious investigation.
  • She slipped through the gate, out into the field all starred with dandelions, down in the hollow by the brook, then up on the hillside out of sight among the shady trees.
  • It was in full bloom, and the magnificent scarlet and orange of the bombax flowers starred its foliage, and ever and anon dropped with soft heaviness on the turf below.
  • There would be hours on the river; afternoons spent riding along those green lanes through which he had just passed, where the banks were starred with little vivid flowers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Starred | Starred Sentence

  • Spider-wort starred the grass.
  • The turf is starred with cyclamens and orchises.
  • A fond bird starred the forest with a cry.
  • But the man, fit and strong, was in a starred trade.
  • On a starred night Prince Lucifer uprose.
  • Yet Magic, I believe, is a starred profession.
  • The ground was literally starred with diverging jets of flame.
  • The bridge itself was canopied with evergreens, and starred with roses.
  • The turf beneath our feet was starred with cyclamens and wavering anemones.
  • I flung my starred robe on the breeze, From burning tropic to arctic cold.
  • That winter Mr. Harding starred me, and what a wonderful winter it was!
  • Are not your poets' meadows starred with the English daisies?

Definition of Starred

Having a star or stars. | simple past tense and past participle of star
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