Starving In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Starving | Starving Sentence

  • They were starving once.
  • He was starving for her.
  • They are starving on the plains!
  • No fear of starving here.
  • Birds starving by wholesale.
  • And then they were starving to death.
  • It was at first a starving business.
  • I should now be starving in that wretched place.
  • I do believe he was starving to death.
  • I was starving in the midst of plenty!
  • They are starving him to get something out of him.
  • But the people were starving in the slums.
  • I was starving as a lad of two.
  • They must be well-nigh starving now.
  • Their genius feeds our starving soul.
  • Just ahead were the office and the starving men.
  • But what did that fellow shout as to starving us out?
  • Why clutch the bread from his starving grandchildren?
  • He scorns to be guilty of starving a mouse.
  • A man in a starving condition is a savage.
  • My impression was that the trees were starving to death.
  • My people have fled and are starving with the goats.
  • He would tell me that he was starving for want of food.
  • He directs starving travellers by means of dreams.
  • What a fine dinner they would be for a starving horse!
  • Many girls actually are slowly starving on this account.
  • Is it still starving the soul and famishing the heart?
  • The idea of so gay a creature starving was abhorrent.
  • Burgoyne was like a man starving in the midst of plenty.
  • It was for her sick, starving child that she did it.
  • The news roused the starving people like electricity.
  • We searched for a cloud like a starving man for bread.
  • The children fell upon it like starving dogs.
  • The poor starving foreigners eagerly clutch at any chance.
  • When it came, he devoured it like a starving man.

How To Use Starving In A Sentence?

  • We took them away, leaving the starving to perish.
  • He ate almost greedily, like a starving man.
  • But I was starving and looking for food.
  • Do they ever think of the starving Italian peasants?
  • A starving son, a starving wife, starving children!

Definition of Starving

present participle of starve | starvation
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