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  • Some day we shall not have a state government set at defiance, and the massacre of Ludlow.
  • To-day the bogus free-State government, we understand, is to assemble at Topeka.
  • This irresponsibility which arises out of a wide diffusion of power is not confined to the executive branch of the state government.
  • Another possibility is that the local or state government advance the money and enable the worker to buy his own home.
  • This is doubtless one of the chief reasons why the state government has not been willing to relinquish its control over municipal affairs.
  • The city is organized, like the state government, on the plan of distributed powers and diffused responsibility.
  • This is no worse; it's the logical outcome of State government of the individual.
  • Give illustrations of the exercise of federal government, state government, and local government, in your own town or city.
  • This is why our limited majority rule, which may be safe enough in the state government, is often deemed inexpedient for the city.
  • Few are aware of the advances which direct legislation has made in state government in the United States.
  • This is seen especially in the tendency to enlarge the powers of the judiciary which was the only branch of the state government in which life tenure survived.
  • The first volume of the present work, the only one yet published, brings down the history of Maryland to the establishment of the state government.
  • The rebels overthrew the Republican State government, and a new government was set up by physical force in its stead.
  • There is a State government within each State, which is supreme over the affairs of that State alone.
  • There were thus at the time of the Revolutionary War three forms of state government in the American colonies.
  • That the political machine in control of the state government should have yielded to the temptation to make a selfish use of its powers in this direction, is only what might have been expected.
  • It was probably not intended that the abolition of property qualifications should overthrow the influence of property owners, or make any radical change in the policy of the state government.
  • His duties in relation to the publishing and distributing the laws, and certain other matters, are similar to the duties of a secretary of state of a state government.
  • Its advantages to the party in control of the state government were obvious, since it gave the legislature a free hand in interfering in local affairs for partisan ends.
  • Scarcely any of the leaders of the opposition considered the Federal Government supreme over the State Government.
  • Instead of trying to construct a state government composed of coordinate branches, each acting as a check upon the others, their aim was to make the legislature supreme.
  • The refusal of the state government to recognize an appropriate sphere of municipal activity which it would have no right to invade, has been the main cause of corruption and inefficiency in municipal government.
  • Moreover, the state government, as we have seen, could empower its own agents to borrow money for a purpose which it had authorized and obligate the city to pay it.
  • The controlling influence exerted by the legislature in the state government, and the dependence of the courts upon that body, precluded the possibility of any abuse of their powers in this direction.
  • In the early months of 1849 steps were taken toward the establishment of a State government from which the city might hope to derive corporate powers.
  • In every important American city the taxes collected for municipal purposes greatly exceed those imposed for the support of the county and state government.

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  • How are citizens of a town represented in state government?
  • California State government.
  • State government.
  • For this condition of affairs the state government itself was largely to blame.
  • What two kinds of state government have thus far been observed?
  • The officers of the State government and the soldiers were preparing to march.
  • His rich income ceased when the State government came into power.
  • We thus observe two kinds of state government in the American colonies.
  • SEE Newell, Edward T. State government.
  • Indeed, the loyal State government of Virginia is at this moment organized.
  • The senate," said Lord Cochrane, "was an anomaly in state government.
  • Early state government in Maryland:-- a.
  • Early state government in Massachusetts:-- a.
  • Early state government in Virginia:-- a.
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