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  • Similarly the county and state officials could see no cause for action.
  • Teachers in public schools have the rights and duties of State officials.
  • Nando replied that it was always best to avoid the State officials.
  • An election of county and State officials was soon to take place.
  • the State officials were furious.

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  • One of the functions of this body was to appoint most of the state officials or their electors.
  • State officials and other citizens of prominence addressed great crowds in commemoration of the wonderful achievement.
  • Convocation lost all authority and bishops were treated as state officials liable to deprivation for disobedience to the council.
  • Before re-burial the coffin was opened in the presence of various church dignitaries and State officials.
  • The scientific and literary celebrities of Berlin sat at his feet; state officials attended his lectures and professed themselves his disciples.
  • The State officials are paid by the revenues of certain districts which are assigned, as will be seen below, to the different offices.
  • This precedent she established by requesting her state officials and the foreign ambassadors to bring their wives and daughters when they paid their respects to her.
  • And that the law might not be a dead letter for lack of accusers, the state officials were commanded to prosecute it just as they would any other crime.
  • Besides the landed nobility, only the highest state officials and the richest merchants kept their own carriage and horses, and this more rarely than fifty years before.
  • He would run any risk rather than go to Boma and submit himself to the tender mercies of the Congo State officials.
  • Year after year a host of municipal and State officials throughout the United States issued reports showing this widespread condition.
  • His wife was named as among those to receive at a reception given by the Governor to the newly inducted State officials and the General Assembly.
  • It was not often that the facts were disclosed; obviously the city or State officials, with whom the rich acted in collusion, tried their best to conceal them.
  • He made it a point to meet all State officials and every prominent politician, Democrat or Republican, who visited the Capitol.
  • The State officials, considering the secret progress of the Extended Cord have, from every direction, incited and aided Mine adversaries.
  • He then summoned all the Ministers, State officials, military commanders, and the most influential people of the city, to the palace, and announced the death of the Shah.
  • In the case of the wet-nurse of Sultan Abdul Aziz, her power was such that frequently the appointment or dismissal of Governors and other State officials depended on her good-will.
  • But this time it had before it not only the purging of the city's crime, but also a struggle with jealous and sluggish authority vested in city and State officials.
  • It was made to work in harmony with the rights of the property owner adjoining the highway, and with the duties of those state officials whose departments were perfectly adapted and equipped for putting the law into active operation.
  • The governor, who is nominally the head of the executive agencies of the state, is not in reality responsible, since he has no adequate power to compel the enforcement of laws directly entrusted to other independent state officials.
  • Hyde, who was James's subservient minister, did his best, and within a year the majority of the judges, and nearly all the State officials, were Catholic.
  • The day after my arrival in Albany, President Zachary Taylor and his suite were the guests of Governor and Mrs. Fish, and the same day a dinner was given in his honor which was attended by prominent State officials.
  • The Queen was very busy indeed with military preparations; but in the midst of her interviews with nobles and officers, contractors and state officials, she snatched a moment to receive the person Christopher Columbus.
  • In the middle class, to which the State officials belong, resides the consciousness of the State and the most conspicuous cultivation: the middle class constitutes therefore the ground pillar of the State in regard to uprightness and intelligence.
  • During the Empire training-schools were maintained at public expense and under the direction of state officials not only in Rome, where there were four at least of these schools, but also in other cities of Italy where exhibitions were frequently given, and even in the provinces.
  • At its meetings Federal and State officials, representatives of public conservation associations and timber owners join on equal footing, without controversy over rights or authority, in discussing practical details of how to accomplish the best results together under conditions as they exist.
  • Much as the indirect election of President and United States senators was favored by the framers of our Federal Constitution, there has been no tendency to apply that principle in the selection of the corresponding state officials.
  • In return she claimed from Italy heavy financial contributions to the National Debt and to the provincial and communal loans, also full indemnity for all investments made in the ceded territory, for all ecclesiastical property and entailed estates, and for the pensions of State officials.
  • Knowing what he now knew of the methods of the State officials, Jack was ready to believe that Elbel would strain every nerve to get Mr. Martindale hounded out of the country, in order to have an opportunity of turning the discovery of gold to his own profit.
  • In preparing this work, the Editors have received most friendly interest and aid from scholars, historians, archivists, librarians, and State officials; and from prominent ecclesiastics of the Roman Catholic church, and members of its religious orders.
  • For there was gold in the stream, without a doubt; and those State officials were greedy rascals; they were capable of edging him out--they had no scruples--his moral claim would go for nothing, absolutely.
  • Many women of great intelligence show a hazy indistinctness of views when the question arises whether it is the business of the general government to preserve order at the voting-places at a congressional election, for instance, as the Republicans hold; or whether it should be left absolutely in the hands of the state officials, as the Democrats maintain.
  • The brevity of political tenure, rendering the permanent inhabitants in a measure indifferent to the "come-and-goes," has doubtless had much to do with this; while a contributory element has been the fact that many State officials, finding the cost of living at the capital somewhat higher than in the small interior towns, have heretofore left their families at home.
  • Many of these communications were from government and state officials in California and Oregon, and addressed to the Federal authorities at Washington, particularly to Senators and Representatives from these states and to authorities of the War Department.
  • The Legislature, remaining in extra session, and cheered and urged on by repeated popular demonstrations and the inflamed speeches of the highest State officials, proceeded without delay to carry out the Governor's programme.
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