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Definition of State Police

(US, Australia) The police force belonging to the state (subnational) government, as contrasted with federal, county, or municipal law enforcement. | Outside the USA or Australia, the national police, i.e. the police force belonging to the national (state) government.

How To Use State Police In A Sentence?

  • What are the principles of the State Police, as you see them in this story?
  • Let's go rub liniment on our wounds, and then we'll make a report to the State Police.
  • To Secret Service agents and state police, at the Glynco, Georgia federal training center.
  • To stop this harmless demonstration all the State Police needed to do was to send a word to the union.
  • Illinois State Police were markedly alert to the possibilities of white-collar crime and electronic fraud.
  • But the State Police do not confine themselves merely to the crude business of breaking up so-called strike riots.
  • As the forester reached his desk, the man in charge handed him a message from the state police at Maple Gap.
  • The latter classes of gunmen make up the body of the real repressive force; the State Police are merely raiders.
  • The Pennsylvania State Police have made a wonderful record for maintaining law and order in the rural sections of the state.
  • In Monessen State Police and other "peace officers" would regularly round up batches of strikers before the mill gates.
  • And he rushed off a telegram, confirmed by post, to the Superintendent of the Department of State Police.
  • Of these guardians of public safety, one body, the Pennsylvania State Police, has become famous for its achievements.
  • Then, after tying up the boats at the main pier and getting the car, they called first on Captain Douglas of the State Police.
  • The Pennsylvania State Constabulary dates from 1905, when a law was enacted creating the Department of State Police.
  • Phiber discusses his case at much length with his arresting officer, Don Delaney of the New York State Police.
  • From her manner it appeared the most natural thing in the world to be canning peaches at midnight on the top of South Mountain in the presence of officers of the State Police.
  • For instance, in a steel town, during the strike, there would usually be a dozen or so State Police and from 3,000 to 4,000 deputy sheriffs, company police, etc.
  • The Policeman entered this room, accompanied by another State Police, and without cause, reason or excuse, struck my friend and immediately thereafter arrested him.
  • The Superintendent of the Department of State Police promptly referred the matter to the Captain of "C" Troop, with orders to act.
  • Pennsylvania's State Police had been for ten years a body of defenders of justice, "without fear and without reproach".
  • Then another wagon illustrating the methods of Tsardom, with a State vodka shop selling its wares to wretched folk, who, when drunk on the State vodka, are flogged by the State police.
  • This was particularly terrifying, as the strikers, mainly foreigners knowing little of their supposed legal rights, had very good reason to think that State Police, as well as armed thugs, would go to any extreme against them.
  • And I realize, too, that in running down the dynamiters at the Elk City reservoir after both the Pennsylvania troops and the state police had failed, you proved that the wireless patrol was a mighty efficient organization.
  • H. Maurer, reciting shocking brutalities fully authenticated by affidavits--unless it was to multiply his public endorsements and praises of the State Police.
  • Except in Butler, Pa., where a score of strikers were arrested for stopping a car of scabs on the way to work (framed-up by the State Police) and sent to the penitentiary, no strikers anywhere in the whole strike zone received heavy jail sentences.
  • After a quick inspection of the area, which probably wouldn't disclose much, they planned to go into Whiteside for a talk with Jerry and Duke at the newspaper office, and with Captain Douglas of the State Police.
  • In preceding chapters I have said much about the injustices visited upon the steel workers by the steel companies and their minions; the mayors, burgesses, police magistrates, gunmen, State Police, Senate Committees, etc.
  • USSS and New York State Police raid "Phiber Optik," "Acid Phreak," and "Scorpion" in New York City.
  • The State Police feel reasonably sure of their skins when carrying on their calculated campaigns of terrorism, for behind them are large numbers of armed guards of various sorts ready to spring to their support at an instant's notice, should the workers dare to resist them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For State Police | State Police Sentence

  • The state police already are watching both stations.
  • They were under the supervision of the State police.
  • These is the State Police!
  • I just suggested you notify the State Police.
  • Lumley had fled before the arrival of the forester and the state police.
  • They were commonly accompanied by squads of local and/or state police.
  • Everything was calm in Braddock until the State Police came in.
  • Tom, call the State Police," he said.
  • The adventures of two boys with the Pennsylvania State Police.
  • The case eventually fell into the hands of the New York State Police.
  • That State Police captain you've worked with will be a big help, too.

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