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  • Such a result is always possible in a small state with a highly centralized form of government.
  • Katherine entered the city in a chair of state, with her child sitting on her knee as before.
  • Here we are: the state with its hand in its pocket, the citizen with his fist clenched.
  • With such a waist, a woman is fitted to pass through her married state with health and pleasure.
  • His family is large as his queen still keeps up her state, with the ladies of honor and suite.
  • Succeeding expeditions settled in the State with the evident intention of remaining.
  • However, we can state with confidence that village life is a new idea to the Bagobo.
  • Let us build that nobler state With our own hands, with our own muscle and brain!
  • To be precise, he left the horse at a tavern in this State, with my name and address.
  • Bavaria, at best, was only a little German state with no special voice in the congress of nations.
  • Just outside the city gates I met the Wali, driving in state, with all his suite.
  • New York State with New York City as its center has received a considerable number.
  • If several faculties of knowledge are supposed to exist, to state with precision the differences between them.
  • He has by far the biggest planting in the state with trees of various ages and many different varieties.
  • Fortunately he did not in any way connect this enfeebled state with the phenomenon up-stairs, which was best for all parties.
  • This effect was heightened by leaving the heads of distinguished captives in their natural state, with hair and skin on.
  • She compares her state with his, and sighs over her own inferior circumstances, and repines at her humbler lot.
  • He died in this state, with a sense of grievous wrong and intense thirst of revenge uppermost in his mind.
  • It was almost in its natural state, with a smooth place here and there where it had been polished in bygone ages by avalanches of ice or stones.
  • The rooms on the right of the lower hallway have been kept nearly in their original state with the addition of fresh paint and attractive papers.
  • Care of epileptics and the insane by the state, with proper hygiene and treatment, accomplishes many cures.
  • The letter had said the child had been placed with strangers, and singularly the old man had failed to state with whom or where he left the child.
  • Under this act the state auditor was made the forest commissioner of the state, with authority to appoint a chief fire warden.
  • As a result, though his command at first numbered 1657 men, he arrived in the latter state with only about 100.
  • I cannot vanquish my inquietudes respecting them, but by returning to Malverton and ascertaining their state with my own eyes.
  • The control of a State with powers so vast will obviously need an exceptional and exceptionally large aristocracy.
  • Thus, they acquired women to look after their homes, while otherwise they would have been living in a pitiable state, with no ties.
  • The great cabin was hers, and the poop deck; we made for her a fantastic state with doffing of hats and bowings and backward steps.

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  • And then what happened none of us can state with precision.
  • He named his State with pride.
  • Just why this course was taken it is impossible to state with certainty.
  • You should see him driving in state with outriders in scarlet liveries.
  • And will they coexist in this exalted state with the old objects of worship?
  • Now it is almost the normal state with whole classes of intelligent people.
  • Many are in the same state with us and many have heard from the Settlement.
  • Captain Ortega was probably in the same state with his three male passengers.
  • Roman Europe had been a vast imperial state, with slavery for a base.
  • The Lord Mayor was constantly worshipping there in state with his officers.
  • Mrs. Chadron was in far worse state, with reason, certainly, for being so.
  • He consented to go to Springfield, the capital of the State, with the company.
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