Stated In A Sentence

Definition of Stated

Expressed in a statement; uttered or written. | Settled; established; fixed. | Recurring at a regular time; not occasional.

How To Use Stated In A Sentence?

  • It should be stated that at that time the rank of captain was the highest in the navy.
  • I have stated how it happened that none of those near me were robbed when captured.
  • He stated that he had founded his poem on a song sung to him when he was a boy.
  • These figures were afterwards stated to be incorrect, so the record was not allowed.
  • As stated here, the bark-lunt is more a matter of convenience than of importance.
  • He stated this in plain language, and outlined his plan for shorter hours and closer application.
  • The former court was held at stated periods, and at least three times in each year.
  • He rose to a height of 25 m., and is stated to have remained stationary for 5 minutes.
  • It was stated that some 2300 German prisoners were taken when Tsing-tau surrendered.
  • Heretofore I have always stated that it was a palace, but I shall be more guarded, now.
  • This is perfectly evident from the very words in which it is often stated by the advocates of necessity.
  • As already stated those switchboards which are adapted to work in conjunction with magneto telephones are called magneto switchboards.
  • It may be stated at this point that the two plugs of an associated pair are commonly referred to as the answering and calling plugs.
  • No problem is offered; the freshness of the flower-like faces is stated simply and without hint of cleverness.
  • It was, however, carefully stated in each deposition, that the witness had spoken without any constraint.
  • He thought it was too soon to assert what the ultimate result would be, but stated the immediate effects so far as he could see them.
  • On the contrary, he has stated and enforced the great argument from cause and effect, in the strongest possible terms.
  • Then follows, in the same document, his own settlement upon his wife, which is stated to be one hundred ducats.
  • All particulars having been stated here with regard to the inhabited islets, I do not consider it necessary to make any remarks about them.
  • The atlas stated briefly that it contained 97,890 square miles, mostly arid, and a population of 92,531.
  • As stated last year the clumsy old system of grouping monoplanes, biplanes, etc., separately has been abolished.
  • I cannot account for them in any other way, as I have stated previously when treating of the Wanni.
  • Charcoal, which is burnt from kernels, has been mentioned under the heading of the Oely service, where it is stated who are bound to deliver it.
  • It has been stated already how the Passes are garrisoned, and they are commanded by an Ensign according to the regulations.
  • It has been stated that the same operation which selects the party wanted also serves to give that party the use of the line and to lock the others off.
  • It stated simply that he did make the charge, and if Mr. Wickersham wished it, he was prepared to prove it.
  • It has been stated that Manaar is an island which protects Jaffnapatam on the south, but I cannot see how this is so.
  • Ferdy Wickersham was one of the ushers, and it was stated that he and Miss Yorke made a handsome couple.
  • Yet it is very difficult to make these people observe the rules so long as they find but the least encouragement given to them by the higher authorities, as stated already.
  • But none of these proposals have been adopted all these years, as stated in our letter of August 24, 1695, to Batavia.
  • No definite limit may be set to apply to all conditions but it may be safely stated that under ordinary circumstances no more than ten stations should be placed on a non-selective line.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stated | Stated Sentence

  • Keith stated his case.
  • Unless otherwise stated the above are military sheds.
  • A fourth reason, stated in two forms.
  • As stated here, the deacons have a deficit of Rds.
  • What is stated here with regard to the money drafts must be observed.
  • Horse breeding surely promises good results as stated in the annexed Memoir.
  • The Civil or Landraad ought to hold its sittings as stated in the Memoir.
  • So Cable and I went to that majestic Capitol building and stated our errand.

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