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  • Its ancient stateliness is too dull.
  • His run lost its stateliness and increased its vigour.
  • His run lost its stateliness and increased its vigor.
  • It lacked a stateliness which this kind of interview should have had.
  • It was the only time she had seen him relax his stateliness of manner.
  • This stateliness of our King can afford us no just ground of uneasiness.
  • Enter," said Madame von Marwitz, with a withering stateliness of utterance.

How To Use Stateliness In A Sentence?

  • It is then that the rooks forget their usual stateliness and their shy and lofty habits.
  • They praised the stateliness of his domes, and extolled the honour of his family.
  • It meant beauty and splendour and stateliness and music to gladden the eye and the ear.
  • Smite the Assyrians by the deceit of my lips; break down their stateliness by the hand of a woman.
  • He saw her still face, her slow smiling, the proud, sweet stateliness of her pacing steps.
  • There was a stateliness and solidity about this rebuke which seemed to impress even my headstrong antagonist.
  • Her air to her schoolmates was marked by a certain stateliness and distance; as if she had other thoughts than theirs, and was not of them.
  • The old gentleman was dressed with unusual care, and walked with even more of slow stateliness than ordinary.
  • There was a tinge of stateliness about him, bordering upon formality, which had kept me a little in awe of him all the journey through.
  • Europa all the while looked down upon her brothers, nodding and laughing, but yet with a sort of stateliness in her rosy little face.
  • He spoke to none as he walked in grave stateliness among the merry groups, acknowledging bold challenges and gay banterings only with a bow.
  • He was richly dressed, but wore a gouty shoe, which, however, did not lessen the stateliness of his gait.
  • If he preferred a general stateliness both of sound and words, he can be only understood to wish that Butler had undertaken a different work.
  • Bidding her farewell, the old man gave, with less stateliness than tenderness, his fatherly blessing upon her and her new home.
  • There was none of the stateliness of the columns of British motor trucks and none of the rigidity of British marching.
  • If her party was grand Cousin Maria was not; she indulged in no assumption of stateliness and no attempt at graduated welcomes.
  • Let us grow old like gentlemen, John, and if they cannot perceive the rightness and stateliness of age, so much the worse for them.
  • That is never found even in the finest work of Perpendicular architects; but for stateliness and magnificence it has not a rival in England.
  • We wonder at the eccentricities of the priesthood, at the conceit of the hereditary nobility, at the affectation of majestic stateliness inherent in royalty.
  • She seemed taller in white; as she took a few steps toward me, I was aware of a stateliness I had missed at the shore.
  • The church owes nothing of its stateliness to a past connected with priory or monastery, it has always been a parish church and is of additional interest thereby.
  • You will find its stateliness rise better under the trowel afterwards; and we do not yet build so well as that we need hasten to display our skill to future ages.
  • Marteen as she had sat before him in her self-contained stateliness and announced with indifferent calm that the Vandyke had been but a ruse to gain his private ear.
  • She may have lacked the bearing and carriage of a great lady, but what stateliness of manner can rival the pretty softnesses of a gentle girl wholly in love.
  • One person will choose his library companions for their stateliness and splendid raiment, another for their flavour of antiquity, or the fine company that they kept in old times.
  • The vastness of the city overpowered him; the stateliness of the buildings appeared to him the work of giants; and he almost shrank from entering it, through a feeling of his own littleness.
  • He comes up with much stateliness and deliberation, but he does come up; and we walk down together, and every day the volume of his confidences increases and he more and more minutely describes his grievances.
  • The photograph will give some idea of the beauty of the bird, but it cannot convey any adequate notion of the rich silken texture of the plumage, or the aristocratic stateliness of this beauty among beauties.
  • Luncheons, in this country, are very apt to possess much of the formality of a dinner, and are written or engraved, according to the degree of stateliness that is to mark the occasion.

Definition of Stateliness

The quality or state of being stately
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