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  • Put statements in positive form.
  • These statements had impressed him deeply.
  • Steve verified his statements as to his style of play.
  • She made her statements quite gravely.
  • He had disputed his statements and been generally rude.
  • I was already emerging to plain statements in 1908.
  • The falsity of the statements made Keith boil with rage.
  • Such are the consistent statements of Mr. Eyre!
  • Artless statements are as useful in their way as artless questions.
  • Put statements in positive form 21 12.
  • These statements must now be collected and discussed somewhat more in detail.
  • These statements are equally true of "bulling.
  • Similar statements regarding priestly celibacy are found in Art.
  • But of the two statements I accepted that of the cabman as the more reliable.
  • Then came statements by the rector's two farm hands and the dairy maid.

How To Use Statements In A Sentence?

  • Otherwise he had best avoid difficulty by putting his statements in the form of a table.
  • A few general statements may be made in reference to the physical properties of solutions.
  • On the contrary, she had made him both positive and negative statements of her love.
  • Several statements in the story require confirmation, and throw doubt upon the whole.
  • In such instances, you know, women make the most preposterous statements and believe them.
  • Mr. Holyoake, however, is far from being consistent in his various statements on this subject.
  • Luther's own statements in letters to friends are cited to corroborate this assertion.
  • But empirical statements of this sort help little towards a knowledge of what memory intrinsically is.
  • These are preliminary statements of possibilities, and theories more or less based on those ideas are now to be examined.
  • Compounds will be met from time to time which are apparent exceptions to the general statements just made in regard to valence.
  • A caricature by its exaggerated statements will sometimes serve to point a truth by antagonising falsity and falsity.
  • He reminded me of the above conversation, and gave me a friendly warning never again to make such statements to my pupils.
  • The answers to the questions are not directly given in the text as a rule, but can be inferred from the statements made.
  • The writer is inclined to put these two statements in the same category, whilst attributing them perhaps to a very different attitude of mind.
  • If statements as to facts are put forward, and the facts in question are thoughts and notions, it is indispensable to get hold of their meaning.
  • Once only during the reading, Beavers passionately denied the statements made by one of the witnesses present, and was with difficulty silenced.
  • On few subjects are more ignorant or malevolent statements made than on the attitude of Englishmen in India towards the natives of the country.
  • What followed can be learned from the written and witnessed statements of the pastor of Aalsoe, the neighboring parish to Veilbye.
  • The Vedas contain no such orderly statements of the divine genealogies as we find in Hesoid and Homer.
  • All these statements about the seduction and then this final doubt expressed after only two visits which could not have included more than six hours altogether and this some three years ago!
  • With these general statements in mind we may take up in some detail the various operations of a telephone system wherein the lines center in a magneto switchboard.
  • Drusilla had a way of appealing to whatever men were present, as though her statements lacked something till they had received masculine corroboration.
  • But, further, I should say that I never require my people to receive my statements from the pulpit without question or inquiry.
  • While there is no general rule which will enable one to foretell the solubility of any given compound, nevertheless a few general statements can be made which will be of much assistance.
  • But there are statements in his writings in which he expresses a preference for Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

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plural of statement
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