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  • Newton was stationed in the foretop.
  • Guards were stationed in various parts of the town.
  • The two lookouts were both stationed in the bow.
  • So, a deputy was stationed in the house.
  • Watson was stationed in the Boston laboratory.
  • There were a few troops stationed in Toronto.
  • Two municipal guards on horseback were stationed in the street.
  • Two additional gun-boats were stationed in front of the floating shed.
  • We were fed three times a day by the guard stationed in the hall outside.
  • He was a subaltern in a dragoon regiment stationed in Brighton.
  • The hotel was full of the wives of the officers stationed in the Camp.
  • As before stated, he had been stationed in Ylocos with fifty soldiers.
  • The English officers stationed in America brought over this fashion.
  • I was assigned to the Reserve Battalion stationed in Petrograd.
  • The young fellow's regiment was stationed in the Venetian provinces.

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  • Strains of music rose in the air, the performers being stationed in an adjoining apartment.
  • Johnson was stationed in the powder-magazine, in charge of the cord which held the bait.
  • And if you are stationed in a high position, are you therefor forthwith set up for a tyrant?
  • At daylight he was called, and taken to the edge of a forest and stationed in an open glade.
  • We are now stationed in a very pretty little city in Missouri and our work is pleasant.
  • I do not know whether there are any English regiments stationed in Ireland at all.
  • Federal soldiers, stationed in the South, could be used to compel obedience to the law.
  • From then until 1899 there was a Spanish garrison of 200 or 300 men stationed in Bontoc pueblo.
  • Midshipman David Porter, a youngster barely in his teens, was stationed in the foretop.
  • Dion says that the Thundering legion was stationed in Cappadocia in the time of Augustus.
  • She was converted by a priest who was down here for his health and who was stationed in this town for about a year.
  • Men were stationed in the proper places to cut all telephone and telegraph wires leading out of the city.
  • There would be but a half-hearted resistance from the six hundred government troops stationed in the capital.
  • Three policemen who had been stationed in the house for the past couple of years slept on a ground-floor in front.
  • There were sentries stationed in front and rear, who walked at regular intervals from corner to corner.
  • A small guard of soldiers were stationed in the tower, to whose charge the prisoners were handed over.
  • The small garrisons had been withdrawn, and all the available forces stationed in the county had been concentrated in the large towns.
  • The troops who had been stationed in our front during the night were then moved off to the right, and our division took up its fighting position.
  • He lived on F Street, below Pennsylvania Avenue, and was stationed in Washington for many years.
  • The forces stationed in these provinces would be, of course, the most convenient for furnishing the necessary troops for the expedition.
  • It was also commonly worn by slaves, and seems to have been furnished regularly to soldiers stationed in places where the climate was severe.
  • And he beheld there celestial cars by thousands, capable of going everywhere at will, stationed in proper places.
  • Apparently they had broken ranks and were sitting or lying about on the ground near the road, though guards had been stationed in front and rear.
  • There were several large rooms in which they sat and took their meals, two sentries with loaded muskets being stationed in each room.
  • Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house?
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