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  • The statues were thrown down.
  • These statues are not at all worthy of praise.
  • And statues whiten the shadow there.
  • There are plenty of imposing statues standing around.
  • We should find them full of statues and rich things.
  • Some of the original statues of Rameses II.
  • She has more statues and more speakers than any other city on this continent.
  • The statues of Antinous fully realise Keats's ideal of Endymion.

How To Use Statues In A Sentence?

  • He explained to her that the statues were the likeness of the rulers during that time.
  • They began to dig here and there and find beautiful statues and vases and jewels.
  • The west front was restored, and more than sixty statues placed in its vacant niches.
  • The higher arcades were adorned with statues and chariots, and admitted light and air.
  • The statues of heroes, princes, and statesmen are there to proclaim their power, worth, or brilliant genius, to posterity.
  • They were now changed into the same blue chalcedony of which the statues in the porticos were composed.
  • Living statues ain't in it with you for showing off the female figure in the wrong pose.
  • The memorial took the form of a decoration of the choir screen with a series of statues under canopies.
  • Yesterday we erected statues to those who died for their country; to-day we eulogize those who live for humanity.
  • There were fountains and statues among the trees, and everything grand and stately to make a garden beautiful.
  • The rooms are large and commodious, and are furnished with casts of celebrated statues and every proper apparatus.
  • In every corner tiny streams of water spurt from little statues of bronze and marble and trickle into cool basins.
  • The next relation which they regenerate by their statues to Rousseau is that which is next in sanctity to that of a father.
  • They continued to stroll through the gardens where she was showing Lloyd the various statues that dotted the path.
  • I inquired what was the object and meaning of the statues which I had seen upon the plateau of the pass.
  • Most of these statues were mere attempts to do for some man or woman what an animal-stuffer does more successfully for a dog, or bird, or pike.
  • The chapel is wonderfully magnificent; the three altars with their ornaments, and the statues of more than forty saints, being all of silver.
  • But when we had alighted and were proceeding through the porticos, I was astonished at the wonderful finish of the statues which embellished them.
  • Like one who drams I passed down the outer hall where stood the silent guards as statues might, and out through the archway.
  • On a chair stood a stack of photographs of statues and pictures, which it was his habit to exhibit, one by one, for the space of a day or two.
  • The statues are arranged in five horizontal lines from north to south, exclusive of the figure in the "vesica," the oval above.
  • The crown of its glories, the justification of its form, did it need justification, are the frail statues which line it, tier upon tier.
  • Here were also statues and fountains, square-cut hedges, and sun-warmed, marble seats, and the air was heavy with the perfume of roses and jasmine.
  • Plutarch especially mentions that "many of the Greeks make statues of Dionysus in the form of a bull".
  • Niches are placed in the midst of the two windows over the gate; they contain graceful statues of St. Andrew and other saints.
  • But Beauty, happily married to her Prince, went secretly to the statues every day and wept over them.
  • Below it, over the irregular plateau of the Rock, spread avenues of votive statues of gods and heroes in stone, bronze, or painted wood.
  • The statues seemed to shrink from the blinding light into their niches in the great square-cut hedges, and the tessellated pavement was hot beneath his tread.
  • I understood that the multitude of these statues was beginning to be felt as an encumbrance in almost every family, and that the custom would probably before long fall into desuetude.
  • They might have been a pair of statues planted on the round top of the hill, with the valleys rolling away beneath them and the mountain peaks and the golden sky beyond.
  • I have, therefore, numbered the statues and groups in a continuous order from bottom to top, so that comparison with photographs will in the future be easy.
  • About a half a mile away from this ruin are the two colossal statues of Memnon, which were surrounded by water, so I could not get close to them.

Definition of Statues

plural of statue | A children's game in which the players have to stand still without moving.
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