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  • How staunch and firm they be!
  • What a staunch creature she was!
  • Loyalist, a staunch one, 256.
  • Glen Leigh had made a staunch friend.
  • Luther the Staunch Confessor.
  • Sir Thomas King, on his side, was a staunch Presbyterian.
  • Each one wants staunch supporters and is ready to pay any price for them.
  • The boat is still in good condition, and as staunch as anything.
  • None is nigh; Who shall staunch me this sanguine flood?
  • She had also found a staunch friend in Norah with the grey eyes like her own.
  • Eve laughed as she replied: "We are staunch friends.
  • Is foiled by thy staunch kindness to the man Who was thy rancorous foe.
  • I liked him very well; I was always staunch to him; and this is how he writes!
  • The lie--the staunch Jago lie.
  • And what Justice shall staunch the fountain of thy mother's tears?

How To Use Staunch In A Sentence?

  • Less than this is indicative of a lack of honest and staunch manhood or womanhood.
  • Aristophanes was a staunch Conservative, but he disliked a stupid argument wherever he found it.
  • And though it be dreary and dismal to view, Staunch at the heart is the churchyard yew.
  • They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, They fell with their faces to the foe.
  • Dr. Lee is a staunch friend of Temperance, as well as of the cause of universal freedom.
  • It seems hardly necessary to add that he is a Nationalist and a staunch Anti-Dreyfusard.
  • John Bright has always shown himself a staunch friend to the prosperity of the United States.
  • It was the staunch French brig "Mouette," bound south into the equatorial seas.
  • Once more the staunch ship, "The Galleon," proved herself to be a treasure house.
  • They also make a staunch friend in the person of Nate Webster, an old Maine guide.
  • She was somewhat frivolous and designing in character, but warm-hearted and staunch in her friendships.
  • Fifty years of service through a stern northland seemed to work little damage to this staunch old settler.
  • I could not staunch it, being obliged to defend myself against the corporal, who was cutting at me heavily.
  • The good knight was left with two of his archers, who tried to staunch the blood that flowed from his wounds.
  • The staunch friend of the motion picture chums waved his hand like a showman proudly exhibiting wares.
  • But they had never been very staunch friends; and he could find a way to even scores with the little druggist later.
  • Ninon became famous for making staunch friends of her former lovers, in which connection some interesting tales are told.
  • Ellison knelt beside him, and having found the wound on his breast, endeavoured to staunch the bleeding; but it was a hopeless task.
  • This accusation had its staunch adherents, men who for years were ready to argue warmly, if not dispassionately, in its support.
  • She threw herself on the ground, and endeavoured, with the help of her companions, to staunch the blood flowing from a wound in his side.
  • Constance was kneeling down, trying to staunch the blood flowing from Tecumah's wound.
  • He was a staunch Walpolian, and had a sincere and honest regard for that great man which was entirely independent of self-interest.
  • Among the noblemen of Germany Luther counted not a few frank admirers and staunch supporters of his reformatory work.
  • He represented several places in parliament; was a staunch and able patriot; finally, an incomparable writer on morality and Christianity.
  • The staunch ship held steadily on its course, and the ceaseless vibrations of its engines came to be as unnoticed and as unthought of as the beatings of their own hearts.

Definition of Staunch

Loyal, trustworthy, reliable. | Dependable, persistent. | (transitive) To stop the flow of (blood).
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