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  • He had to stay home in the pen.
  • I only thought you were going to stay home.
  • I have said that you are to stay home from the ball.
  • But you better stay home and go to school.
  • I wanna stay home and think.
  • That settled it; Ruth would stay home with her mother.
  • I'd better stay home.
  • My best advice to you is to stay home and tend to your knitting.
  • You'll have to stay home and make up those grades this summer.
  • You can't let a youngster, capable of learning, stay home from school.
  • But, if you'll follow my advice, Stay home and learn your catechis-sum.
  • Edith said, "He'll stay home, Hank.
  • And yet we say--"Stay home and can the cherries!
  • I wish you could stay home awhile and play with us as
  • Oh, Justin, stay home this evening
  • An' I wants to stay home with you an' see
  • I didn't want to stay home for reasons,
  • Auntie Em, could I stay home today?"
  • Why can't they stay home for a while?"
  • Why don't you stay home evenings?"
  • You stay home and tell papa all about it, but leave me in peace."
  • No, I stay home.'
  • I thought I'd rather stay home and read, if you didn't mind."

How To Use Stay Home In A Sentence?

  • Each declared she would 'most rather work at any old thing than stay home and do nothing.
  • I'm not going to stay home and keep house, and look sober, with my hair done up behind.
  • Sho God did tend to wife and took care of them and they had to stay home cause it wuz always a new baby.
  • Or perhaps the essential desires of each will be fulfilled best if you stay home tonight to catch up on your sleep, and then go to a movie tomorrow night.
  • And she had refused the offer of a nice foursome and one of Lucille's cheerful friends, to stay home and be treated this way!
  • I've been going to school a little this winter again, for Martha is big enough to help mother and i only stay home to wash.
  • You're nothing but a mass of superstition, and if you're so scared for fear it will rain on your wedding-bonnet a Saturday, you can stay home under cover the rest of your life, for all I care.
  • We towed the saplings and started down stream" All the fellows were there except Skinny, because the doctor made him stay home on account of being all played out.
  • I was so glad, because then I could stay home and talk to Great-aunt Lucia, and it was the first time I'd been with her long alone.
  • Then he has to learn to give up any pleasure of his own for hers--and travel when she wants to travel, or stay home when she wants to go alone.
  • Commute by rocket--or better yet stay home and do all your business by TV-telephone, or by waldo if it were that sort of thing.
  • Evan wanted to go, too, but Henty grunted in disgust--and Nelson agreed to stay home and tend the stock.
  • The next day he telephoned to the president that he would not come down to work--he would stay home and rest his eyes, sleep and get rid of the persistent headache.
  • Unfortunately it happened, too, that this was the day when the sewing society met, and Mrs. Tucker had asked Bettie to stay home for the afternoon because the next-to-the-youngest baby was ill with a croupy cold and could not go out of doors to the cottage.
  • They'd rather stay home and yelp about socialism and anarchism and Lord knows what-all. '
  • He says I can stay with your Uncle Roger till the fall 'cause I promised I would, but after that I'm to stay home and go to school right along and learn to be whatever I'd like to be.
  • It will, probably, do me more good to stay home and read the Bible to you than to be at church."
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