Steadfast In A Sentence

Definition of Steadfast

Fixed or unchanging; steady. | Firmly loyal or constant; unswerving.

How To Use Steadfast In A Sentence?

  • I did not think there were men like you who would be steadfast and loyal in a moment such as this.
  • He looked at her in his steadfast fashion for a moment, and then changed the subject.
  • He was the loved companion of my youth, and the steadfast associate of my graver years.
  • He looked up at the sky, and its calm and steadfast splendor came to him with a new meaning.
  • By the courageous and steadfast confession of Luther many were won for his cause.
  • Where steadfast virtue dwells not in the breast, Man is a wavering creature at the best!
  • Wounded, denied, but radiant of soul, Steadfast in honor, marches toward the goal.
  • They have been the most steadfast believers in constitutional law against privilege, and its most unswerving defenders.
  • It may manifest itself suddenly and at long intervals, once only in a lifetime, or be a steadfast quality.
  • Minute lines of care had crept round the eyes, though the eyes themselves were as calm and steadfast as of old.
  • Promise me, my husband, that through all changes you will ever remain steadfast and loyal to her sacred cause.
  • He was abroad in its stormy days, his steadfast bearing and cheerful countenance carrying hope whenever he appeared.
  • But he was vain enough to think that a few words from him might weaken Brant's steadfast loyalty.
  • In very deed nothing was altered; he was still her steadfast friend, and would always aid her to his utmost in the work of her life.
  • If you don't crown my steadfast love, then I am not fit to exist in this world.
  • I am weary of the trees a-waving to and fro, Of the steadfast skies above, the running brooks below.
  • How, then, shall one preserve at once both a steadfast and tranquil mind, and also carefulness of things, that he be not heedless or slovenly?
  • When he wanted her, he would send for her, ask for her, yearn for her, till every one would yield before his steadfast will.
  • If in outward things, call them no more friends than faithful or steadfast or bold or free; yea, nor even men, if you had sense.
  • Throughout his career he was a steadfast witness against tepid and insincere professions of religion, and against any compromise with the shifting currents of popular opinion.
  • But just here it may be remarked that comfort which is in the faintest degree dependent upon the uniform and steadfast serenity of the army mule is of most uncertain tenure.
  • He looked as though a Columbus or a Campanella might emerge from his earnest, fervent, steadfast adolescence.
  • She held it there steadfast though she was conscious of Genevieve, undaunted, urging Arthur to throw another wad.
  • Fortunately the soldiers, and particularly the Sepoys, over whom Clive had unbounded influence, remained steadfast in their allegiance.
  • When thou shalt be a tool of skill, And steadfast purpose, to fulfil A higher task than rhyme?
  • They are somewhat slow to be moved, but are strong, steadfast and courageous in the defense of that which they believe to be right, when they do move.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Steadfast | Steadfast Sentence

  • The steadfast doom of death.
  • Those who are steadfast in our weal or woe.
  • Why does he say that it is not a steadfast place?
  • And wait beside the steadfast sea.
  • We see your straight and steadfast signpost there.
  • To them he was a faithful friend and steadfast ally.
  • He fixed me with a steadfast look of concern.
  • He attempted to face down her steadfast eyes.
  • That mine may be a life of steadfast work and praise.
  • For I am a man of steadfast mind.
  • What depths of steadfast affection there were in the heart of that rough man!
  • For the national system is fur more firm and steadfast than the physical.
  • Her eyes roved from him to the steadfast green of the slope across the road.
  • It was their steadfast heroism at First Manassas that earned it.

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