Steadfastly In A Sentence

How To Use Steadfastly In A Sentence?

  • He looked at her steadfastly and she forgot her vague misgivings of a few minutes ago.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Steadfastly | Steadfastly Sentence

  • I looked steadfastly on.
  • And she looked steadfastly up.
  • Hilary steadfastly disbelieved in that.
  • Sophy looked steadfastly at her ice.
  • He looked steadfastly into her eyes.
  • Nevertheless they were steadfastly purposed to hold out.
  • Then she looked steadfastly into his face.
  • She looked steadfastly at her own reflection.
  • So he heroically and steadfastly refused.
  • Meanwhile my eyes were fixed steadfastly on hers.
  • The door remained steadfastly closed.
  • Meanwhile the angel kept steadfastly at her side.
  • Seaton looked steadfastly at me out of his flat eyes.
  • And that light burned steadfastly still.
  • She kept her head steadfastly averted.
  • Its autocratic character has been steadfastly maintained.
  • Arnold held her hands steadfastly and looked into her eyes.
  • Nicol looked steadfastly before him and said never a word.
  • She turns around and looks at him steadfastly for a minute.
  • Thyra mounted, but steadfastly refused to flight.
  • He paused, continuing to look steadfastly into the fire.
  • Meanwhile, steadfastly together, we two!
  • Lord James looked steadfastly at me.
  • She drew her hand away, and gazed steadfastly at his face.
  • All this Norman steadfastly believed.
  • The negro looked steadfastly at us, then carefully around.
  • Lord Romsey looked steadfastly at his visitor.
  • So Billy led his little band steadfastly southward.
  • But steadfastly McAllister refused to be tempted.
  • But the employers have steadfastly refused to meet them.
  • It is strange that we should cling so steadfastly to correct spelling.
  • But those who believe in the new ideas very steadfastly deny that.
  • During the political contest he remained steadfastly true to himself.
  • The little man stood before the window and gazed steadfastly out seawards.
  • He set his face steadfastly back along the road he had come.
  • The young man looked at his companion steadfastly for several seconds.
  • She could imagine how steadfastly and exaltedly he would face the invader.
  • She looked steadfastly before her, her face supported by her hands.
  • I steadfastly refuse the slightest dash of color in admitting children.

Definition of Steadfastly

In a steadfast manner; firmly; with conviction
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