Steadiness In A Sentence

Definition of Steadiness

the state of being steady | the degree of stability

How To Use Steadiness In A Sentence?

  • And she weaved back and forth as she drove the paddle with the steadiness of a machine.
  • He supported her with absolute steadiness while she drank, not uttering a word.
  • She pressed her hands to her eyes and tried to force a calm steadiness into her soul.
  • The blade thus lying laterally on the water very much increases the steadiness of the occupants.
  • In general steadiness of diving and control and in under-water handling we were always ahead.
  • There is more steadiness in the price of sugar, and a greater certainty of an average crop.
  • They give steadiness to his labor, and they enable him to go through it with comparative ease.
  • Their leaders, on the other hand, urged the necessity of steadiness and prudence.
  • Moreover, his natural steadiness seemed to come back to him as the hour drew near.
  • The steadiness of the tone, the resolve in his face, excited a certain curiosity.
  • There is no steadiness in that man, no solidity, no reliability, no possible fidelity in him.
  • She had felt an inner quiet, a steadiness within; there was power in it, and consolation.
  • The British suffered terribly from the first, but their steadiness was never lost for a moment.
  • There were fewer of us needed; but I still held my place, and my steadiness gave me a position.
  • But how ridiculous the position of the women who prided themselves on the steadiness and continuity of their service!
  • I can justify the refusal to adopt this policy only by the steadiness and consistency of my adhesion to my own.
  • The captain mounted the gangplank with a steadiness that disproved my first suspicion of his having been on a drunk.
  • Here again a reader of character might have found something significant in the steadiness of the man.
  • The people are magnanimous, but they understand by magnanimity a courageous steadiness in principle.
  • The steadiness of her voice as she thus placed the heart of the matter before him brought him a certain relief.
  • Psychophysical prophylaxis may secure steadiness of equilibrium to a system which inherited little resistance.
  • He leaned against the smooth wall of yew, looking down at her with an impressive steadiness of gaze.
  • A pleasing preparation this for steadiness of hand, calculated to encourage the play of imagination!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Steadiness | Steadiness Sentence

  • Measures of steadiness in prices.
  • His coolness and steadiness were marvellous.
  • A cold steadiness settled over her.
  • Effect of speculation on steadiness of prices.
  • With absolute steadiness he drew it down over her face.
  • He drew himself up with military steadiness as he spoke.
  • But there was a steadiness in it, a calm.
  • The steadiness of his gaze made her wonder.
  • A watch must move with steadiness and regularity.
  • Attracted by the steadiness of his gaze, she raised her eyes to his.
  • Cahill was watching him with a terrible steadiness and a soul-searing clarity.
  • Everybody talked gushingly of my splendid courage and my steadiness of hand.
  • The steadiness of her movement proclaimed a thing intelligently driven.
  • But he lacked steadiness and perseverance, and nothing prospered with him.
  • With the utmost steadiness he made his stroke, scoring two points.
  • The steadiness of her low voice suggested a certain steadiness of design....
  • Miss Hammond looked at me with a steadiness of gaze under which my eyes sank.

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