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  • Then they stealthily creep upstairs.
  • A messenger crept stealthily into the room.
  • How stealthily this enemy came upon us.
  • He tried the door stealthily and entered with caution.
  • How many times did he stealthily wipe away a tear!...
  • Quietly and stealthily they separated, and shrunk off to their own houses.
  • The three investigators moved stealthily along the high fence.
  • Slowly she came towards me, gliding as stealthily and noiselessly as a snake.
  • He advanced stealthily towards me as he spoke, singing aloud.
  • He leaned forward a little, his voice quite stealthily confidential.
  • Lelha crept stealthily up, and laid hold of the horse's mane.

How To Use Stealthily In A Sentence?

  • Maria stealthily moved it back while he was searching for the coffee in the pantry.
  • And there was not a moment to lose as the figure was stealthily nearing the sleeper.
  • Then to his ears came a dry scrabbling as of some large body stealthily advancing.
  • He looks stealthily around and finds the eyes of all are fixed upon the musician and his bagpipe.
  • Another moment, and a man was stealthily raising himself to his knees inside the tent.
  • Slowly the guerrillas worked their way through the wood, as noiselessly and stealthily as Indians.
  • Drawn almost against his will, Romeo Augustus stealthily approaches the window.
  • Provisions and clothes were sent to him, and at night he again stealthily entered Leney House.
  • Presently he rose, came aft, took a seat beside Hendry and looked stealthily into his face.
  • I was astonished: I walked stealthily to the dining-room window and saw Mariette and her son.
  • I am waiting for the light to go out behind the tall trees over which the moon is stealthily sinking.
  • From the darkest corner of the room he had seen a human figure silently and stealthily creeping toward him.
  • He then opened his door, and crept stealthily out upon the corridor: but all was quiet within the house.
  • So intent was the flight-sub in his work that he failed to hear the faint sound of footsteps stealthily approaching through the squelching mud.
  • I have no doubt that they would be feasting yet, if the Witch had not then and there stealthily stolen upon them.
  • She did not hear the removal of Warrington's luggage at midnight, for it was stealthily done.
  • The faint sound of some one moving stealthily across the thick pile carpet caused me to lie rigid, holding my breath.
  • Simmy crept stealthily back, and stationed himself behind her, as if to hear her remarks, while viewing the picture from the same point.
  • They stealthily stripped themselves of the wet garments, and, after no end of trouble, succeeded in getting into the dry substitutes.
  • He ran to the door, listened, seized his hat, and went down the stairs cautiously and stealthily as a cat.
  • The cat sprang trembling into a tree, and crept stealthily up to the topmost branch, where she was entirely hidden by twigs and leaves.
  • The gentleman followed her stealthily into a house he saw her enter, thinking, you know, he would find out something to her discredit.
  • A heavy, breathing body crept stealthily across the intervening space; so quietly that a mouse could have made but little less noise.
  • Taking sixty redskins and twenty-seven white men apparelled as Indians, he advanced so stealthily that his approach was unnoticed.
  • When they reached the hut where their victim lay, Tom ordered a halt, and proceeded stealthily into the house to reconnoitre.
  • He gathered the few camp-utensils together, rolled his blankets, brushed sand over the embers of the fire, and groped stealthily toward the burro.
  • Suspecting the truth of the case, I moved stealthily down, and found a herd of young cattle leisurely browsing.
  • Presently, at a distance, the three onlookers beheld the four men and the litter moving stealthily along, but not toward the Casino.
  • His arms were concealed, but sometimes he stretched out the right to steady himself by a headstone as he crept stealthily but blindly over the uneven ground.

Definition of Stealthily

In a stealthy manner, furtively.
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