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  • Steel and the first expansions.
  • Steel and wood had parted company.
  • One needs nerves of steel and iron.
  • He was as hard as steel and happy in his inflexibility.
  • They must exchange their steel and oil.
  • It was a poem in bronze and steel and rubber.
  • There was a hail of bits of steel and flying wreckage.
  • Zabern laid the steel and phial upon the table.
  • When steel and fire go roaring through your head.
  • The steel, the steel and the fire.
  • The converter is built of steel and lined with silica.
  • The walls are built of steel and lined with fire-brick.
  • Steam and steel and water and men flew high in the air.
  • Perhaps he knew the smell of steel, and suspected a trap.
  • Not a flicker of an eyelash; steel and granite outwardly.
  • The monocoque has wood, steel and cork construction.
  • Steel cylinders (steel and copper jackets).
  • A gleam of steel, and a dull, horrible crash!
  • The swords are of steel, and those I have seen are short.
  • With numerous Illustrations on Steel and Wood.
  • With numerous fine Illustrations on Steel and Wood.
  • With 254 Illustrations and 12 Steel and Coloured Plates.
  • He was accustomed to the use of steel and the hobnails on his boots.
  • Mercia was a headquarters for steel and other metals in the thirteenth century.
  • We have steel and nerve enough in our hearts to dare anything.
  • You're made of iron and steel and precious stones.
  • Cars are now being built of steel, and of combinations of metal with asbestos.
  • He's steel and whipcord, that youngster.
  • All cables are of galvanized steel and provided with open twin buckles.
  • Steel met steel and the ringing sound filled the little glade.
  • Now all wheels are manufactured of cast steel and with little hand labour.
  • The pistons and connecting rods are of forged steel and phosphor-bronze.
  • The flint and steel and tinder box within my pouch made up our store.
  • The tubes are of iron or steel, and number several hundreds.
  • I wanted thought like an edge of steel and desire like a flame.
  • I found my husband's flint and steel and struck a spark.
  • Whose work was needed to obtain the iron, the steel and the tin?

How To Use Steel And In A Sentence?

  • There was a clash of steel, and then the fight was on with more fury than before.
  • This was of the highest quality of steel and looked to the uninitiated very much like a chisel.
  • Thus he appeared in the ring of the lamplight clad in gleaming steel and with raised weapon.
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