Steel In A Sentence

How To Use Steel In A Sentence?

  • Swanson reluctantly followed him through the tangled aisles of stainless steel columns and tanks.
  • They were great hollow mountains made by man, out of glass and steel and rock.
  • The gamekeepers would employ us to take hedgehogs, which we did in steel traps baited with eggs.
  • O glory thou of all that case their limbs In polished steel and fenceful adamant!
  • You talk as though I was a thing of steel that could bend this way or that and never change.
  • And against his sharp steel lightnings Stood the Suliote but to die.
  • The steel robot took a half-step toward him, and Burckhardt involuntarily checked his stride.
  • And to us not small doth seem: Victor-like, in harness blazing, As of steel and brass the gleam!
  • But the steel of which it was composed was very hard, and he found it a harder task than he had anticipated.
  • But he steeled his heart against it and against her, so that a glint of the steel presently came into his eyes and seemed to ring in his voice.
  • Connections are not welded but made with strong steel clips so that should any member become damaged a new one can be readily arranged.
  • These steel bars were all magnetized separately and placed with like poles together so as to form a single bar magnet.
  • Traps with steel jaws are sometimes set in runs, inserted in the turf so as to bring them flush with the sward.
  • The tinsel used is, in each case, for the purpose of cutting down the resistance of the main steel conductor.
  • Canby's thoroughbred leaped into the air as the steel pricked it and Helene was soon left behind.
  • Among them was the portrait of the man in the steel coat and hat, who had the General's face.
  • Tabulated weights of angle, tee and bulb iron and steel and other information for the use of naval architects, shipbuilders and manufacturers.
  • I remember an officer who on the march had latterly possessed himself of a Tibetan flint and steel and learnt to light a cigarette with them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Steel | Steel Sentence

  • All steel construction.
  • Wood and steel construction.
  • Tubular steel construction.
  • It was a poem in bronze and steel and rubber.
  • The steel robot turned deep eyes on him.
  • That bent like perfect steel to spring again and thrust.
  • Her talk always puts me in mind of a steel blade.
  • A fox lost his tail in escaping from a steel trap.
  • His voice was calm, but had the coldness of a steel blade.
  • The monocoque has wood, steel and cork construction.
  • With Steel Portrait and Steel Title.
  • The head bands are frequently of steel covered with leather.
  • The steel robot had no expression, but its voice was almost surprised.
  • I wanted thought like an edge of steel and desire like a flame.
  • This steel is principally used for making razors, because of its hardness.
  • Whose work was needed to obtain the iron, the steel and the tin?
  • Because of its hardness, this steel is principally used in making razors.
  • On the axle of the wheels are fitted steel springs which take side thrust.
  • The monocoque is of wood and steel construction, the others wood only.
  • Landing: carriage |Wood and steel construction.
  • And in her fairest chamber laid His bow of steel and his flashing blade.
  • I., with 12 Exquisite Steel Plates and about 200 Original Wood Engravings.

Definition of Steel

Made of steel. | Similar to steel in color, strength, or the like; steely. | (business) Of or belonging to the manufacture or trade in steel.
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