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  • Presently they step back from it.
  • Please step back a little.
  • Ruth took a step back from her sister.
  • He took a step back to aid her if he could.
  • Arnold took one step back and charged the door.
  • To enter meant to step back into the life which she hated.
  • At half its height it has a step back of 6 inches.
  • Sometimes when they see me they step back and go headlong into the water.
  • You must step back to look at your work as often and as far as you can.
  • The snarl untangled itself; men began to step back and produce pocketlamps.
  • And now, that we may stride on the faster, we must step back a pace or two.
  • Harold Quaritch took a step back and looked at her in horrified astonishment.
  • From the Mintyard we step back into a rather squalid street of a modern world.

How To Use Step Back In A Sentence?

  • True, it requires an effort to step back into the shoes of an Elizabethan courtier.
  • Then came a realization which, though in a sense gradual, made us step back and catch our breath.
  • When the way was free again he would sling the kit-bag and the valise over his shoulder and step back into the road.
  • Then you will step back again softly and shut the door, and then come in again in a quiet and proper way.
  • Yet the vagabond himself is unobtrusive, ready to step back and be a chronicler the moment other figures enter into constellation.
  • These soldiers step back and two more (one from each company) advance and blow a bubble and so on until all have had a turn.
  • When only a single pile of corn remains to be threshed, all the threshers suddenly step back a few paces, as if at the word of command.
  • Yer step back thar, Sam Hayes, er else Gulpin County will be lookin' 'round fer another sheriff.
  • In these districts it is still possible for the traveller to take a sudden, bewildering, and wholly entrancing step back into the past.
  • But then, there in the darkness, with the gun swinging heavily between loose fingers, he hesitated in his very first step back from the threshold.
  • Colonel Winchester, shouting imperiously, ordered him and all the other young officers to step back now and lie down.
  • Unfortunately for Jimmy, the door opened inward, and he was forced to step back to let it swing wide.
  • When success first began to come her way, Valdana cropped up again, smiling and ready to step back into her life.
  • His face began to work, he shut the door and came a step back to her, staring; his face became pitiful and then suddenly they moved together.
  • At the door he paused for a moment, looked round at Peter, hesitated, took a step back towards him, began to say something.
  • A determination came into his life to sever forever all ties binding him to the life of degradation he was then living and to take the first step back into the narrow path of righteousness.

Definition of Step Back

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see step,‎ back. | (idiomatic) To stop what one is doing and evaluate the current situation. | (idiomatic) To prevent oneself from becoming emotionally involved in a certain situation.

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