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How To Use Step Down In A Sentence?

  • So you can see for yourself that it is high time for me to step down and out.
  • To match herself against the scandal-monger would be to step down to her level.
  • He supposed that she bent to step down from the slab, and he put up a hand to help her.
  • One was of myself walking with a proud step down a vast hall, the usual wreath of fame on my head.
  • It was quite within the limits of his comprehension that he could step down now and then to Scott.
  • I would gladly step down from my rule to submit to a way of life as promised through Him.
  • Well, he would finish his rough sketch of Cheyenne, and then step down to the veranda.
  • If you're quite comfortable, I'll step down to the village and fetch the medico.
  • Weel, ye can just bide here a wee, and I'll step down the road to my office wi' ye.
  • I now once more step down to allow A.B. to chat about the various German towns.
  • For their own sakes, they ought to step down and out when they cease to be useful, because they never can be ornamental.
  • I stand ready to step down from the honor at any time when the class feels that it would like another president.
  • The children used to come up a flagstone path to the side door, and then step down two steps into an entry.
  • Why step down when you have a right to expect the new administration will offer you a place in the Cabinet?
  • Look at them in the moonlight: you will see them all quite distinctly: soon they will step down from their heights and mix with mortal men again.
  • He did not like to step down upon the barge and at once take possession of it, as it was his undoubted right, almost his duty, to do.
  • You take a step down hill, when, without resistance, you allow any one to put into your ear a vile innuendo.
  • Nothing would satisfy him but that Cartier should step down into the canoe, that the chief might put his arms about his neck in sign of welcome.
  • She will tell us more about it at dinner, I will step down to the cellar, and take care that we shall have the best it can afford.
  • You will not believe that we royal divinities are mere common flesh and blood even when we step down from our pedestals and tell you ourselves what a fool you are.
  • But there was not much said between them, and by and by he said he would step down to the pier head and take a look at the weather before it was quite dark.
  • Casper glanced toward the front end of the car, and saw Julian and Jack step down and hurry toward the dining-room.
  • Before Galatea could wed Pygmalion, she had to change from marble into glowing flesh and blood, and step down from off her pedestal.
  • With an eternal adieu and a rapid step down the garden walk to the driveway, he at last entered the carriage which was awaiting him and was driven rapidly away.
  • There was one step down into the kitchen; but for all that, the door would not open when they raised the latch and pushed it, stuck against something.
  • The personages of the club have merely to step down and out; the scenes to be connected, amplified, and multiplied; the conversation to undergo the same process.
  • With which, thanking the bureau of information, he set off at a quick step down Grey's Inn Road.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Step Down | Step Down Sentence

  • It is a goodish step down on the East side.
  • Women will not suffer their idol to step down from his pedestal.
  • So he came safely to the single step down and accomplished this.
  • The first step down in his career is the day he begins to play heavies.
  • He put back his shoulders and took a quick step down the lane.
  • He felt that the first step down the hill toward the penitentiary was lying.
  • If you've no objections, I'll just step down and take a squint at things.
  • Once more I step down from the platform to give place to my colleague A.B.
  • When Jael came back, she said Dr. Brown would step down and see me himself.
  • You can step down now, Ridgwell," said Mr. Gentle Gammon.

Definition of Step Down

(idiomatic) To resign from office; to abdicate. | To gradually reduce something, a little at a time, as an electronic step down transformer.
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