Step Out In A Sentence

Definition of Step Out

(transitive) To exit a place on foot, often for a short time. | (intransitive, idiomatic) To date, to be in a romantic relationship. | (military) To increase the length, but not the rapidity, of the step.

How To Use Step Out In A Sentence?

  • Nevertheless she was glad when the visit was over and she could step out of the door again.
  • Would you step out of your way to help them when it was liable to bring you trouble?
  • Only then did he open the door and step out to the gray surface of the landing field.
  • He could step out on to the top of the door, and from there drop easily to the ground.
  • We step out of the frame as it is currently defined and see the whole picture in a new context.
  • Some guys would step out of the cockpit onto the wing and fall off onto the ground.
  • The moment she turned her head toward the cabs he would step out into plain view.
  • He stood a little aside, holding the door open for them to step out of the carriage.
  • The very first step of an obedient servant is to step out of a false position, be it what it may.
  • On rising, the chief witness should step out with his left foot and turn to the left.
  • Before you step out through it, it frames the misty blue Grampians beyond the river.
  • At that instant there was a quick step out of the darkness, and Dave reached the stranger.
  • It was getting so that Lightfoot half expected a hunter to step out from behind every tree.
  • People step out into the road and never look to right or left, says a London coroner.
  • The early train came in from Montreal as usual, and who should step out of it but Gilby himself!
  • He saw Yip step out of the gallery, empty a pot overside, and stand there by the rail, gazing aft.
  • You see, just as he was getting ready to step out from his hiding-place, Sammy Jay arrived.
  • A reporter cannot step out between the sessions of a caucus and give a racy abstract of the landscape.
  • It gave one the feeling that you were just above the earth and could step out and walk on top of the clouds.
  • With that stark struggle for existence but a few hours off, how was it possible for men to step out happily!
  • Josephine found the atmosphere of the room too close, and invited some ladies to step out with her upon the balcony.
  • Then they rushed with one accord to the coffin, and lifted the lid so that the man could step out amongst them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Step Out | Step Out Sentence

  • Drop your gun and step out in the open.
  • When he returns he has only to step out of his seat.
  • But what the step out of it will be, who can utter?
  • Believe me, you had better step out here.
  • He saw the figure of a woman step out on to the veranda.
  • He went under as simply as you would step out of bed.
  • Means of bringing all horses to step out freely at a trot.
  • Yet once more I step out upon the terrace into the night.
  • Then did Odin and Tyr and Baldur step out on the bridge.
  • We'll all step out then.
  • They were not going to step out now unless there were good reason for it.
  • He suggested that they step out to the veranda, where it was cooler.
  • You can't step out and go over to the enemy.
  • Bowles was the last man on the circuit, but he did not step out and bow.
  • Larry had an impulse to step out to Joe's side.
  • It's hard for them to step out from where they are and enter anywhere else.
  • One step out of this building and you'll return within a half minute.
  • Don't forget, when you cross sticks, to step out of distance again at once.

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