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  • Mac took a dozen steps before he answered me.
  • Philippa moved a few steps towards the other door.
  • I softly ascended the steps of the pavilion.
  • A minute later, and we hear hasty steps approaching.
  • St Leger at once took steps to bar the road to attack.
  • The Entry is by Steps of black Marble or Stone.
  • Then she was aware of a single figure climbing the steps towards her.
  • The jailer conducted Banfi up the steps with every demonstration of respect.
  • Then I, Whatever steps are best I'd have you take.

How To Use Steps In A Sentence?

  • He ran his machine up to the stone porch and ascending the steps rang the door bell.
  • They directed their steps toward the sea, which was lit up by the rising moon.
  • She breathed a sigh of relief, and her light steps fell gradually into the measure of his.
  • This was fully four feet under water and the lower story of the place was two steps lower down.
  • I paused to see no more; but made two steps from the top of the stairs to the bottom.
  • The steps were worm-eaten, and the wall on both sides hung with moth-devoured and ragged tapestry.
  • Seeing this, Cloete steps out and lands him another one somewhere about the jaw.
  • They are the steps or grades by which he rises from sense and the shadows of sense to the idea of beauty and good.
  • She was overcome by affright, and her steps were so feeble and faltering, and it was necessary to support her.
  • Cautiously we retraced our steps from the lower end of the flat, and turned into the narrow mouth of the canyon.
  • Sometimes at night when everybody in the house is asleep you can hear the steps creaking, as if people were coming up and down.
  • He had not made two steps in that direction when another shriek burst out behind him, again close to the house.
  • The governmental crisis being settled, energetic steps were taken with regard to the civil war in the west.
  • Crossing the pavement with a rapid step, he entered the gate and ran up the steps to the porch between the white columns.
  • When the young man ran down the steps there was a pleasant excitement tingling in his veins, as if he were feeling the glow of forbidden wine.
  • A few steps further brought me to that bend in the stream which had been such a favourite haunt of mine before I had dreamed there so unpleasantly.
  • He started to his feet, oversetting his chair as he did so, which rolled down the steps of the dais and fell with a crash on the stone floor below.
  • She moved with graceful, gliding steps and her face under the wide drooping velvet hat looked amiable as well as comely.
  • I took down the pail, seeming to take down an entire chorus of singing water witches with it, and retraced my steps to the house.
  • He climbed the seven steps or so, stepped across the bamboo platform quietly, but what he saw through the doorway stopped him short.
  • And when the steps toward achievement are tinged with mystery, romance, or daring, the applause is irresistible and continuous.
  • He did not forget to thank him for his coming, but bade him direct his steps once again towards his home on the Mohawk.
  • He stooped accordingly, and getting his hands beneath the arms of the corpse, dragged it to one of the flights of steps that led down to the water.
  • She concealed the letter; and when his steps died away in the corridor and the house-door closed, she knew she could slip out unobserved.
  • In obedience to the mocking impulse, he entered the gate and reached the steps just as Patty came out on the porch.
  • It ate and drank greedily, and then rose and shook itself with a glad, eager movement, and ran a few steps forward.
  • He carried his two bundles under his arm, and stepped nimbly up the steps of the hotel, without turning his head to either side.
  • Well, all I have hitherto described you may have seen before you have taken many steps in that crowded thoroughfare.
  • Our mules however did wonders, picking their way through the stones, walking up and down steep steps in the rock, in a marvellous manner.
  • Accordingly, with the spade in one hand and the lamp in the other, I started to retrace my steps to the hoisting cage.
  • It grew dark, and then steps came outside the door, and a fumbling with the lock which made Ida nervous.

Definition of Steps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of step | plural of step.
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