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  • Among birds the sternum is greatly developed.
  • In some specimens two such branches to the sternum were seen.
  • The STERNUM is composed of eight pieces in the child.
  • The sternum in German Pterodactyles is most nearly comparable to these birds.
  • Vulvar lamina: in Odonata, the posterior margin of sternum of segment 8.

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  • The sternum is always a distinguishing part of the bony structure of the breast.
  • Episternum: the anterior and larger lateral thoracic sclerite between the sternum and notum.
  • The sternum is much wider than long, and no specimens give evidence of a manubrium.
  • The name Ornithodesmus is as descriptive of the sternum as of the vertebral column.
  • In the Solenhofen Slate the sternum is fairly well preserved in many Ornithosaurs.
  • With sterile forceps and scalpel incise the skin in the middle line from the top of the sternum to the pubes.
  • Use nothing but the knife, and in a few cases a small saw to separate the sternum from the ends of the ribs.
  • A sternum must never be macerated, for it is so soft the cartilaginous framework would be entirely destroyed.
  • Such bones as remained were in their proper positions, except that the sternum lay in the pelvis and the elbows at the knees.
  • It is relatively shorter than in birds, and is broader than long; but not very like the sternum of reptile or mammal in form.
  • The sternum in Ornithostoma was about four and a half inches long by less than five and a half inches wide.
  • In doing this, draw the sternum well forward so that the ribs will spread out, and show a chest cavity of the right size for inflated lungs.
  • So that, as Von Meyer remarked, the presence of a keel on the sternum is not in itself sufficient evidence to prove flight.
  • The fowls were then picked and the feathers weighed, after which the body was laid open longitudinally by cutting alongside the sternum and through the back bone.
  • In passing from the origin on the sternum to the insertion on the humerus, the belly of the muscle bridges the angle formed by the costal process of the sternum and the coracoid.
  • A sternum of this kind is unlike that of any other animal, but has most in common with a bird; and may be regarded as indicating considerable power of flight.
  • All these long-tailed species from the Lithographic Stone agree in having the sternum broad, with a long strong keel, extending far forward.
  • Divide the ribs on either side of the sternum and remove a rectangular portion of the anterior chest wall with sterile scissors and a fresh pair of forceps, exposing the heart.
  • The sternum in both has a manubrium, or thick keel mass, prolonged in front of its articular facets for the coracoid bones, which are well separated from each other.
  • The true serpents comprise the genera without a sternum or breastbone, in which there is no vestige of shoulder, but where the ribs surround a great part of the circumference of the trunk.

Definition of Sternum

(anatomy) The breastbone | The sclerotized plate of spiders, between the coxae, marking the floor of the cephalothorax
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