Steward In A Sentence

Definition of Steward

To act as the steward or caretaker of (something) | A person who manages the property or affairs for another entity, particularly (historical) the chief administrator of a medieval manor. | A ship's officer who is in charge of making dining arrangements and provisions.

How To Use Steward In A Sentence?

  • Mrs. Steward had sailed down the steps.
  • The steward says that I shall have to go to law about it.
  • Mrs. Steward favored her with a sharp glance.
  • Prof. with Steward and Cap.
  • I found Almstein the steward hiding, full of fear.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Steward | Steward Sentence

  • My steward is with me.
  • Jonas was his steward and his valet.
  • The steward hesitated.
  • The steward kicked him.
  • Also a steward and butler.
  • The steward is a good fellow all the same.
  • Send your address to the steward of my estate.
  • The steward of the baron occupied the other.
  • My steward oppress the poor!
  • The steward rushed for the hose.
  • But the steward did none of these things.
  • It was the steward of the estate that we were crossing.
  • The lord steward was over the whole court.
  • Already the steward was hastening forward with brandy.
  • And he motioned the steward to pass the bottle.
  • The forward-cabin steward retired.
  • The steward wished to know what was to be done.
  • The steward was standing by in his customary manner.
  • A hurrying steward almost bumped into him.
  • Just call down to the steward to bring me a bracer.
  • The cook and steward were colored men.
  • The steward was a very resplendent figure indeed.
  • And the steward went forth bearing the crocodile.
  • If the steward had any doubts before, he had none now.
  • The steward stares at his mistress in mute amazement.
  • The snaky steward sloughed his clothes twice a day.
  • Fetch out some whisky, and kick up the steward boy!
  • The steward lay still upon his bed of rocks.
  • The steward coughed, a little hesitating cough.
  • Finishing his whispered speech, the steward glided ahead.
  • He blew his whistle, and a steward ran forward.
  • The steward bowed, and his loose white mantle fell forward.
  • The steward took my portmanteau, great coat, and rug.
  • Mrs. Steward sprang to her feet.
  • The faithful steward looked keenly at the Secretary.

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