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  • Its very stews are fragrant.
  • And he will prepare you divine stews and paradisaic soups.
  • First, the neck for soup, stews and corning.
  • What delicate stews I should feast upon!
  • Paprica grows very plentifully out here; the stews are quite red with it.
  • Pot roasts are cut from the lower side, and stews or soup meat from the neck.

How To Use Stews In A Sentence?

  • The plate and brisket may be used for soups, stews and goulashes and for corning.
  • Two beef stews were therefore ordered, and brought with a great clatter of table ware.
  • Caius was not quite sure what composed the soups and stews of which he partook, but they tasted good enough.
  • His palaces, which are now washed and blown clean by the pure rain and wind, were stews of lust and murder while he lived.
  • Followed four days spent in the grease-laden heat of the kitchen, the smell of strong foods, raw meat, and fish stews thick above the sink.
  • For beverages she stews into rank herbiness cheap tea by the quart, and Rio coffee, weak and turbid, with plenty of sugar in both.
  • And such coffee as Dil made; such stews of meat and potatoes and onions, and a carrot or a bit of parsley; and oh, such soups and chowders!

Definition of Stews

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of stew | (archaic) A brothel.
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