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How To Use Stiff In A Sentence?

  • It would take from it its freedom and flexibility and make it stiff and formal.
  • Here all was formal, stiff repressed; that gayety was real, that merriment was sincere.
  • So our Sunday mornings were a bit stiff and disappointing, but our afternoons were heavenly.
  • The maid, who would have shone among many women, looked stiff and dull by contrast.
  • The colt raised its head, struggled, put out one stiff fore leg, and then the other.
  • I would sit and watch that stiff dignity of self-indulgence, and wonder, wonder....
  • With stiff stealthiness he approached the break again, pretending a hesitancy that he enjoyed immensely.
  • I kept a stiff backbone for a while, but presently a futile rage against circumstances bubbled up and boiled over.
  • Ashe turned his head over his shoulder, and for a few seconds did not move it again, but stood as if with a stiff neck.
  • I have heard that stiff people lose something of their awkwardness under high ceilings, and in spacious halls.
  • But at last even his patience was exhausted, and he sent the squire a pretty stiff letter about the arrears due.
  • Your back'll be so blame stiff in about three days that you'll wish you never seen a pan or a shovel.
  • In Germany a kind of ornament is applied to rich stiff fabrics which is almost peculiar to the country.
  • When he rose he went to his sideboard, and, taking out a bottle, poured out a stiff drink and tossed it off.
  • Dick picked up the limp little body, and made his way to the couch where he deposited it gently among the stiff red pillows there.
  • Being hopelessly outnumbered I contented myself with a strategical movement necessitating several stiff rearguard actions.
  • And at every jolt Bowles' head snapped back and his muscles grew stiff at the jar.
  • It was Vetch who had "unsettled" him, who had taken the wind out of the stiff sails of his prejudices.
  • If you have a towel to put about my middle, and a good stiff drink, I'll be more myself.
  • Abreast of it, along the atoll, travelling with equal speed, was a stiff bending of the cocoanut palms and a blur of flying leaves.
  • Dicky had risen almost too sore and stiff to stand, on the morning after the fight at the Feathers, and he was little better now.
  • My fingers are nearly numb, and I am generally stiff and aching, but so much better that discomforts are only an amusement.
  • Having made stiff adieux to the party, she went and sat down on a rock by the roadside to await some passerby who would take her to Prouty.
  • She couldn't be natural; she couldn't be anything but stiff and awkward; and she was aware all the time that Stephen was as embarrassed as she was.
  • Now, however, that success had come to him, he wrote her a brief note congratulating her upon her return, a stiff little plea for remembrance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stiff | Stiff Sentence

  • Such a stiff little thing.
  • Though a trifle stiff for my fancy.
  • Is she sort of stiff and dried-up?
  • He attempted to sit up but was too sore and stiff to move.
  • Again his good horse was urged to a stiff gallop.
  • Mixing with water they made a stiff paste or dough.
  • It was too stiff to move, and he used his knuckles.
  • It was a tall figure, with a stiff military bearing.
  • At first she sat as stiff as a post, without stirring.
  • He was helpless before the smile that writhed upon her stiff lips.
  • Pretty stiff session," he commented.
  • A black night is necessary; a stiff bamboo rod, and a dark lantern.
  • I found myself standing, stiff and shivering, in a certain little Texas town.
  • It was so cold that the world seemed as stiff and stark as a poet's hell.
  • A stiff struggle then took place in which Johnson's men were badly worsted.

Definition of Stiff

(of an object) Rigid; hard to bend; inflexible. | (figuratively, of policies and rules and their application and enforcement) Inflexible; rigid. | (of a person) Formal in behavior; unrelaxed.
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